FORT HOOD — Hundreds of First Team troopers gathered at the Cooper Field on Friday to celebrate those that have lived the legend that is the cavalry during a Spirit of the Cavalry Ceremony, which including a flyover of Army helicopters and “cavalry charge” on horseback.

Opening Remarks were given by Maj. Gen. Paul T. Calvert, 1st Calvary Division commander, who welcomed visiting 1st Calvary Division Association alumni, community leaders, and family members.

“The cavalry troopers of the past have built the storied legacy through their honor, courage, and valor that each of us still serving strives to continue”, said Calvert.

The division has regiments with roots dating back to 1921, a heritage that the unit chose to pay homage to with soldiers donning detailed replicas of uniforms ranging from the dragoon to the current Operational Camouflage Pattern.

“I thought that was an awesome piece of information,” said attendee Jamie Bryan. “It was like going back in time. And I got to see the differences from head to toe with the battle uniforms. It was very special to have those kinds of treasures displayed. It almost gave me goosebumps.”

Immediately following the display was the division’s famous cavalry charge featuring the First Cavalry Division Horse Detachment and a squadron of Blackhawk helicopters filling the bright blue sky. Attendees gave a rousing rendition of The Spirt of the Cav and the Army Song. Followed by a closing of the event with two cannon firing. Afterwards a meet and greet with the re-enactors and other soldiers out on the field was set up for visitors.

Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra, who served in the cavalry in 1991 during Desert Storm, spoke fondly of his time in.

“I’ve always enjoyed being connected to the cavalry. And now that I go to all of these events, it’s on the forefront of my mind because I am connected. I understand the talk that goes on when you are a 1st Cavalry soldier. It’s a very special bond,” Segarra said.

Sgt. Jordan Zimmer, a soldier from the 1-7 Cavalry Regiment, found meeting the veterans at the event inspiring.

“It’s cool to see where we came from as a unit and as cavalry. It means a lot to meet these veterans who fought and earned our freedom around the world,” Zimmer said.

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