FORT HOOD – The 1st Cavalry Division bid farewell to one deputy commander and welcomed two new ones during a ceremony on Copper Field Friday.

Brig. Gen. William “Hank” D. Taylor, deputy commanding general of maneuver, was replaced by Col. Chris Norrie; and Col. Miles Brown was welcomed as the deputy commanding general of support.

Maj. Gen. Paul T. Calvert, the 1st Cavalry Division commander, said saying goodbye to Taylor was difficult because he had been such a key and essential member of the division’s team.

“Hank, you’re a true difference maker, you’ve been absolutely decisive in your efforts to raise the level of readiness,” Calvert said. “We’re better and more prepared today because of your actions.”

Norrie’s last assignment was as the commander of the National Training Center’s operation group in Fort Irwin, California. This is his third assignment to Fort Hood. Norrie was excited to be back at the “Great Place”.

“It feels wonderful, this is an incredible place, the community is absolutely amazing, and everyone here has been so welcoming to me and our family,” Norrie said. “We are very grateful for the privilege of being back here.”

“We collectively have one priority and that is to build readiness,” Norrie said. “To prepare these formations to fight as directed and win.”

Norrie said he looks forward to getting to know the division team and immerse himself in the “awesomeness of the 1st Cavalry Division”.

“I hope in some small way to make a difference and just enjoy being a part of such a special team,” Norrie said.

Brown’s last assignment was as the chief of staff of the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado. This is his fourth assignment to Fort Hood and said “It felt great” to be back in Texas.

“All three previous times I was in 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, and it’s great to be part of the division, it’s great to see the people of the division, and especially great to be in the community,” Brown said.

Brown said his focus will be on equipment and readiness.

“The most important is always the people and then the equipment,” Brown said. “The readiness we have to have has been prioritized to us by the chief of staff of the Army, it’s a priority for Gen. Abrams, the FORSCOM commander, the corps commander and it’s Maj. Gen. Calvert’s priority, and that’s what I’m working on.”

Calvert presented the cavalry Stetson and 1st Cavalry Division patch to Norrie and Brown during the ceremony welcoming them to the “First Team.”

Taylor’s next assignment will be as the commander of Operational Test Command located on West Fort Hood.

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