M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank crews assigned to Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division engage targets at a live fire accuracy screening test range at Mohamed Naguib Military Base, Egypt, Sept. 15 in preparation for a culminating combined arms live fire exercise as part of the field training exercise of Exercise Bright Star 2017. Bright Star is a bilateral exercise between U.S. Central Command and the Arab Republic of Egypt during which about 200 U.S. personnel participated in a command-post exercise, a field training exercise and a senior leader seminar to promote and enhance regional security and cooperation. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Leah R. Kilpatrick)

FORT HOOD — The “sounds of freedom” rolling from the training ranges on Fort Hood are coming from M1A2 Abrams tanks belonging to 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

The brigade is currently conducting gunnery training exercises, which are expected to last throughout the week. Once the brigade has completed the exercises, elements of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division will begin conducting their own gunnery training.

“For now, we have all three brigades on post,” said Master Sgt. Jacob Caldwell, division spokesman. “We don’t expect the training to stop any time in the near future.”

The division’s 1st Armored Combat Brigade is currently awaiting orders for an upcoming nine-month deployment, expected to be in Europe, although the location has not yet been officially determined by the Department of the Army.

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