There is not much information on United States Army veteran Major Lee Shotwell Jr.

No one knew his rank nor what his occupation was in the armed forces. Only that he served from December 1963 to December 1966.

At his funeral on Tuesday, no family or next of kin was in attendance.

It didn’t stop, however, more than 100 people to honor the veteran at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen.

As the thick fog overshadowed the morning sky, prayers were given over Shotwell’s casket and members of the community.

Louis Hicks, a World War II veteran, was there to pay his respects.

“This was truly wonderful for everyone to be here,” Hicks said. “It truly is.”

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, whose office is in charge of the Veterans Land Board, accepted the United States flag on Shotwell’s behalf.

The ceremony also marked the VLB’s 100th unaccompanied veteran burial statewide, a program initiated by Bush in 2015. Shotwell was the 55th unaccompanied veteran — 52 men and three women — buried in Killeen, officials said.

The VLB runs four veterans cemeteries in the state: Killeen, Mission, Abiline and Corpus Christi

“I think my staff deserves a lot of credit … we were presented with the idea in 2015 when I first got sworn in to office to look at ways to honor our military veterans, especially those that are homeless, that have no relatives to claim their remains,” Bush said.

Shotwell’s burial is one of two funerals that will be held this week at the Killeen cemetery for such service members.

John Lynn Loyd, a United States Army veteran, will be buried Wednesday, at 2 p.m. today. Loyd served in the Army from Oct. 9, 1963, to Oct. 8, 1965. Lake Shore Funeral Home in Waco has coordinated with the Fort Hood Casualty Office to ensure he receives military honors.

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