Fort Hood’s economic impact to Texas is valued at $44.49 billion, and the state comptroller’s office has a new web portal sharing that and other information with the world.

Fort Hood’s contribution amounts to nearly a third of the total economic impact — about $150 billion — military installations have on Texas, according to the comptroller’s office.

“As home to the second largest population of active- duty military and more military retirees than any other state, Texas communities support and benefit from the services and industries that assist our military activities and families,” Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said in a Wednesday news release, which highlighted her office’s new web portal:

The website has an interactive map of Texas, highlighting facts about the 15 military installations across the state, including Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, several Air Force bases and others.

According to the website, Fort Hood had a total economic impact output of $44.49 billion and a gross domestic product of $25.26 billion.

According to the comptroller’s office: $25.3 billion is the estimated gross domestic product, or the total value of final goods and services as a result of Fort Hood; $44.5 billion is the total value of all economic activity related to producing goods and services (both intermediate and final) for Fort Hood.

The comptroller’s office used figures from fiscal year 2011 to produce the website.

Joint Base San Antonio, which includes Fort Sam Houston and Lackland and Randolph Air Force bases, had an output of $46 billion, according to the website. Fort Bliss had an output of $25 billion.

“As chair of the Texas Commander’s Council, I applaud Comptroller Combs for her continued support of military forces in Texas and believe this new website will be a valuable asset to showcase the positive and supportive relationship between Texas military installations, the state and local communities,” said Col. Matthew Elledge, garrison commander at Fort Hood.

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