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Married To It

Marriage advice from one sister to another


Ah, wedding season. This time it’s my little sister Sally’s turn to walk down the aisle and say those life-altering words, and I couldn’t be happier for her. But I would like to offer a few pieces of advice from nearly 16 years of marriage to my dear Rob (which is a mere drop in the bucket compared with my parents who are celebrating 53 years today — way to go, Mom and Dad!)

Ready or Not


I’m pretty sure I’m no longer in the running for “Mother of the Year” because a true contender would never admit to dreading her kids’ summer vacation.  OK, maybe dreading is a bit strong.  Let’s just say I am wallowing in these last few scholastic days.  Many moms I know are positively giddy this week, saying they look forward to having their children around all day, every day, and that they cannot wait until the final bell rings. 

Learning to teach, teaching to learn


So there I was, standing in mountain Pose on my trusty blue yoga mat, preparing to do the balancing pose known as “tree” with the other students.  But wait — I was alone at the front of the room…I was the instructor! 

Giving Our Children a Childhood


Fort Hood Lemonade Day is coming up this Sunday and Andrew decided he wants to participate.

Time Troubles


This week I am thinking about time. Or more accurately, about the lack thereof. OK, here’s the truth: I am a chronically late person. I’m not happy with this state of affairs but it’s a fact.

For Better or For Worse


I can’t be the only one who is riveted by the reality show “Married at First Sight.” Now on its second season, I shunned it at first, thinking it was another vapid “Bachelor”-type program exploiting peoples’ feelings for ratings. However, after watching out of sheer curiosity one evening a few months back, I am now addicted.

Trading 'Mom' jeans for Spring fashion


It’s that time of year when all the women’s magazines tout the new Spring fashions, featuring colorful, elaborate photo spreads of everything you can’t afford, couldn’t possibly fit into, or even find in your local area.

My Sister Sal


My little sister is getting married! She and her long-term boyfriend Josh recently got engaged while on a romantic Hawaiian getaway.

The Other Woman


When I married my husband, I suppose I should have known he had another love.  Oh the signs were all there but I pretended not to see them.