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@ #1 Statement Ms. Eneli which came to my ears ,' We are all in this together'.

I agree with her in that the subject of the school board is children, There should be a parent, even more then 1 would be preferable, on the board.

A few questions cam to my mind and,I would have liked her to be ask,

Her thoughts and feelings, on the decision recently made by some in Washington, That the students of another color other then white, are being unjustly punished or are receiving harsher punishments then a white student, when accused of a mis action while in school.
Does she also believe this to be true?

I would have also liked to have heard the answer to ,what would have been her thoughts on the way the school board (or some members there of) handled the renewal of the KISD health insurance plan argued against by so many of the employees of KISD last year. With the board members having their own way in the end, over- ruling a majority of KISD employees who were the ones who would be harmed ,financially, by the boards decision.

From her background and education level ( although education does not necessarily mean, a person is qualified to make common sense and fair decisions),Ms. Eneli would bring a lot of new ideas, other then the same stale ones which seem to be voted into the school board term after term.

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