By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

White stuff falling from the sky is far from a normal Central Texas occurrence, but some Killeen residents were ready for it.

With more than 2 inches of snow accumulating on the ground by 3 p.m., residents plucked their snow boards and snow sleds from their garages and headed to Conder Park.

"I have had both of these since I was 6, and they have held up pretty well," Karl Wells said, looking down at two sleds that his girlfriend's children rode down a steep incline in Conder Park.

The slope in Conder Park from Conder Street has been a longtime favorite for Wells. Anytime it snowed in his youth, he would drag the sleds out and ride them down the slope. He wanted to make sure the children in his life got the same opportunity.

"It is awesome," said Pheonix Blas, 10, who sledded down the hill. "It is not really cool when I fall, though."

Pheonix; his brother, Ben Quinata, 6; and sister, Jade Blas, 12; all took turns riding down the hillside.

They were all thrilled to do so Tuesday, and they will probably remember the time forever, they said.

"The last I remember it snowed was when I was 5 or 6," Pheonix said before plunging down the slope again.

Other children and adults also used the slope to race down.

"This is awesome," Robert Stottler said. "It's global cooling. We are polar bears, man."

Stottler and his friends were snow boarding down the hillside. Halfway down they built a snow ramp from which to launch their boards.

"I am from here, man, so this is the only time I get to see snow," Stottler said.

Kenny Myers, owner of the board, was glad to be putting it to use, he said.

"We will probably keep at it until the snow melts," Myers said.

Wells was happy to see so many people using the hill for their winter playscape.

"It is a really good hill," Wells said.

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