By Michelle Rodriguez

Killeen Daily Herald

COPPERAS COVE – Clements/Parsons Elementary School pre-kindergarten students gathered Wednesday morning to participate in a tree-planting ceremony for their school playground.

To buy a Chinese pistachio tree to plant at their school, 230 children in 12 pre-kindergarten classes collected coins at home.

Pre-kindergarten teacher Nancy Porr said students collected $260 so they could buy a tree that would one day provide them with shade.

"The kids loved bringing in their coins and putting it in the jar to watch it get full," Porr said. "It was a lot of coins to carry down to the bank."

Parents, teachers and pre-kindergarten students came together for a ribbon-cutting.

"We talked about the representation of the tree and how it will grow someday," Porr said. "When they come back, the tree will one day be big enough to offer shade."

Bobby Ott, Copperas Cove Independent School District deputy superintendent, said the tree-planting had several meanings.

"The tree is symbolic of what our teachers do," Ott said. "They nurture the students and watch them grow."

Ott said the tree was also symbolic of the students' growth and development. Students were excited to bring life to the campus on Earth Day and were looking forward to watching the tree grow before their eyes.

"This event was a well-put-together venture," Ott said. "It gives the students something they can always remember, and I'm convinced it will be a memory they will carry with them for a long time."

The fact that this took place on Earth Day is a great way for the students to learn about the environment, Ott added.

"The teachers did a great job making a lesson of it," he said.

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