By Joyce May

Killeen Daily Herald

COPPERAS COVE – City Manager Steve Alexander is accepting a position to lead the City of Greenville, but he plans to tie up a few loose ends in Copperas Cove before taking on the new challenge.

The Greenville City Council Tuesday approved Alexander to manage the city of close to 30,000 residents beginningAug. 6.

A native of Copperas Cove, Alexander has served in several key leadership positions for the city since 1997.

He said he and the Cove council must still work out the details regarding his last day of employment, but he expects there to be a 30-day time frame for him to turn in a resignation and a 30-day work period to finalize or at least stabilize several ongoing projects.

The City Council is scheduled to meet in executive session Thursday to discuss Alexander's position.

Alexander said he hopes to get a proposed budget and a drainage report back to the council and try to get the purchase of property for the new police station finalized before his departure.

"I want to tie up some loose ends and to make sure whoever is coming in does not have too many problems they have to tackle too urgently." Alexander said. "Obviously Copperas Cove is a great place with a lot of opportunities ... I am proud of what we have accomplished over the last several years. I will be keeping a close eye on how the reliever route is progressing, the police station, rec center and other projects that we have been working on and have started that are not finished yet."

Alexander said the decision was a difficult one for him and his family to make, but in the end he believes the change to be a new challenge and a good opportunity for the family.

"Copperas Cove has been good to me over the years. I don't want Copperas Cove to think that I am abandoning the city. I am moving on to different opportunities," he said. "I have a lot of supporters and a lot of friends in Copperas Cove and many relationships that are near and dear to my heart and they are relationships that I hope to keep intact over the years to come."

Greenville Mayor Tom Oliver, in a release issued Tuesday night, said the Greenville council selected Alexander from a list of many qualified candidates.

"Steve Alexander will make an excellent city manager for Greenville," Oliver said. "In addition to having successfully served as Copperas Cove's city manager for some six years, Steve's financial expertise as a certified public accountant is a definite plus as we deal with some of Greenville's challenging financial issues."

Oliver noted Alexander's strong interpersonal skills to be an asset as he begins working with a new city staff and council and begins building solid working relationships throughout the Greenville community.

"Steve is accepting this position with the full backing of the council," Oliver said. "We are confident Steve Alexander will do a great job for the citizens of Greenville."

Copperas Cove Mayor Roger O'Dwyer said he did not wish to speculate on how the council may act, but said the city has previously in this situation had the assistant city manager assume the duties while the position is being advertised.

"I thank him for all he has done for the city. I wish him well. It is a good opportunity for him," O'Dwyer said. "It came as a complete shock to me. All I can say is it is a tremendous opportunity. Greenville has a lot. That can be influential to a guy. He is a young man. City managers, it is the nature of their business to move."

Alexander began his career in Copperas Cove as director of finance. In September 2001, he was promoted to assistant city manager/director of finance and was named city manager in March 2002. Prior to his service in Copperas Cove, Alexander served as the assistant finance director for the City of Killeen from September 1995 to November 1997 and the management and budget analyst from April 1994 to September 1995.

Alexander holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Texas and an MBA from Tarleton State University. He is also a certified public accountant.

Greenville is located 48 miles east of Dallas in Hunt County.

City of Greenville Director of Human Resources Barry Robinson has been serving as interim city manager since the retirement of Karen Daly in January.

Alexander and his wife Tricia will soon relocate to Greenville with their children, Samantha, Matthew and Kaitlyn, ages 8, 6 and 1 respectively.

Alexander said his family will be visiting Copperas Cove on a regular basis.

"Copperas Cove is our home town. We will certainly be keeping in touch. Greenville is not that far away," he said.

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