COPPERAS COVE — Progress on the Allen Street water project is moving along as planned and should meet the Thursday completion deadline. City crews are replacing existing water lines along the street to improve water flow.

“Everything has been smooth sailing so far and hopefully, it’ll stay that way,” said Water Distribution Superintendent Daniel Hawbecker.

The new 6-inch water lines being installed run along Allen Street from U.S. Highway 190 to Robertson Avenue. The process involved cutting the entire street beginning on the west side and excavating the dirt to install the water lines with the proper service paths for each home.

Construction began Oct. 16 to upgrade the previous 1½-inch lines that ran through a metal pipe resulting in internal freezing preventing water from running through. The undersized lines made it impossible to attach a fire hydrant providing little to no fire protection to residents, Hawbecker said.

Public Works Director Daryl Uptmore said the project’s primary objective is to improve water lines so they will carry a higher volume of water and a higher volume of pressure.

“Once the project is complete, there will be 6-inch lines with three or four fire hydrants installed to service all homes along Allen Street,” he said.

Pursuant to city codes, fire hydrants will be installed at a distance of 600 feet.

To make water meters more accessible and to give better service connections to homes, all units will be moved from the back of the lots to the front, Uptmore said.

Because of the nature of the work, some residents experienced minor water outages.

As of Monday, 50 percent of the new water lines had been completed.

“To date, the project is within budget and no additional funds have been needed,” said Kevin Keller, city spokesman. “We have not seen a change order request, nor do we anticipate one at this time.”

The total cost of the project is $224,526.

For more information, call the Copperas Cove Public Works Department at 254-547-0751.

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