LAMPASAS — Taking care of animals is close to Glo Anders’ heart. Whenever residents dump their dogs along the side of the road, or surrender a pet to the Lampasas Animal Shelter because it’s not potty-trained, Anders’ heart breaks.

“They abandon their pets without realizing this poor dog has been with you for a year,” said Anders, president of the Friends of the Lampasas Animal Shelter. “It trusts you. It thinks that you are its momma or daddy and all of a sudden you’re gone and the poor little thing is at the shelter. If it’s lucky, we can find a home, but a lot of them aren’t so lucky.”

Anders helped organize the first Paws for a Cause Dog Walk fundraising event Saturday in W.M. Brook Park. The shelter partnered with Walmart to host the event.

“Most of the people who come to an event like this love their animals and are already taking care of their animals,” Anders said. “But there’s some who don’t realize how important it is to spay and neuter and that (Lampasas has) a shelter they can donate to.”

About 50 dogs, many of which were adopted from the shelter, and their owners participated in a dog walk.

In addition to fundraising, Kasey Dressell, shelter director, said the event helped educate residents.

“A lot of people surrender their dogs for reasons that could have been completely avoided,” she said. “Like spaying or training.”

Anders said the shelter, which is home to about 50 adoptable animals, works hard to find permanent homes for its animals.

“Some people don’t realize that you adopt a dog or cat and it’s yours forever. You should keep it forever,” she said. “If you want a dog, go to the shelter. Don’t go to a pet store.”

Anders said it was a plus to have the event in April, during national Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month.

Josh Ivie and Ashly Irby adopted Abigail, a miniature schnauzer, from the shelter a month ago.

“We like to support spay and neutering, and getting animals from shelter and not from breeders,” Ivie said. “There’s a lot of dogs that need to be adopted.”

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