A Killeen no-kill animal shelter merged with a larger shelter out of Williamson County, forming a new animal advocacy group.

The Killeen-based CenTex Humane Society announced Tuesday that it has completed a merger with the Humane Society of Williamson County to create Texas Humane Heroes.

The merger came almost as a humorous suggestion last year after the two organizations repeatedly encountered each other and cooperated on certain projects, said Executive Director Ron Marullo.

“Over the summertime, it was almost half jokingly thrown about that we would be able to consolidate and save money and resources,” Marullo said “That seemed to make more sense over time.”

By September, CenTex Humane Society had sent the Humane Society of Williamson County a formal indication that it was in favor of combining forces.

The organizations’ partnership formed after they both participated in rescuing animals from a puppy mill in Bell County in 2011.

They then began working together in areas of overflow in order to ensure animals would not be placed in municipal shelters where they may be euthanized, Marullo said.

They also began sharing best practices, which Marullo said largely centered on the transition from an organization headed by a leadership board made up mainly of staff to a governing board.

Texas Humane Heroes will be based in Leander, where the Humane Society of Williamson County operates its shelter. The CenTex Humane Society shelter’s Second Chance Animal Adoption Center will continue to operate at 5501 Clear Creek Road in Killeen.

Marullo said Texas Humane Heroes will have a larger footprint and be able to reduce costs. Greater efficiency will create more opportunities for low-cost vaccination and spay/neuter programs.

Texas Humane Heroes will hold its first adoption event Feb. 2 in Killeen at the Killeen shelter. More information can be found at the organization’s website at texashumaneheroes.org.

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