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International Budget for Sunday, May 12, 2019

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^Venezuelan opposition leader seeks contact with US military<

VENEZUELA:BLO — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido told an emissary to meet with U.S. military officials in a bid to establish "direct" cooperation, a signal he's warming to the idea of intervention by force after months of failed attempts to topple President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido told supporters during a rally in Caracas on Saturday that he's sending his envoy in Washington, Carlos Vecchio, to meet immediately with Florida-based Southern Command, which oversees U.S. military activity in Latin America and the Caribbean, "to be able to establish a direct and far-reaching relationship in terms of cooperation."

450 by Ezra Fieser and Andrew Rosati in Caracas, Venezuela. MOVED



^China names its trade-deal price as Trump sets month deadline<

USCHINA-TRADE:BLO — China for the first time made clear what it wants to see from the U.S. in talks to end their trade war, laying bare the deep differences that still exist between the two sides.

In a wide-ranging interview with Chinese media after talks in Washington ended Friday, Vice Premier Liu He said that in order to reach an agreement the U.S. must remove all extra tariffs, set targets for Chinese purchases of goods in line with real demand, and ensure that the text of the deal is "balanced" to ensure the "dignity" of both nations.

1100 by Shawn Donnan, Yinan Zhao and Miao Han in Washington. MOVED


^Gunmen, security guard dead after Pakistan forces end hotel attack<

PAKISTAN-ATTACK:DPA — An hourslong gun battle between Pakistani security forces and gunmen who stormed a luxury hotel in the port of city of Gwadar has ended, with all the perpetrators killed, an official said late Saturday.

One security guard was killed in the attack on the five-star Pearl Continental hotel in Gwadar, a port city on the Arabian Sea in the state of Balochistan that is being used as part of a Chinese trade route to the Middle East and Europe.

350 by Zia Khan in Islamabad. MOVED


^South Africa's ANC will maintain a strong majority in government<

SAFRICA-ELECTION:DPA — For the sixth time in a row since the end of apartheid, the party of the late Nelson Mandela will form the majority in South Africa's parliament, the electoral commission chairman said on Saturday.

In a formal ceremony in Pretoria, South Africa's Independent Electoral Commission announced the official results of the May 8 election. In the televised ceremony, the commission also declared the election was free and fair.

600 in Johannesburg. MOVED


^Polish far-right protests against Jewish property restitution<

POLAND-MARCH:BLO — Thousands of Polish nationalists marched in Warsaw on Saturday, demanding that Poland pay no compensation to Jews or other people whose properties were confiscated by the Nazis during World War II and later by the Communists.

Poland is the only ex-communist nation without comprehensive legislation addressing claims for property nationalized last century. The World Jewish Restitution Organization has repeatedly called on the country to address property claims by U.S.-citizen Holocaust survivors and their families, and the U.S. Congress last year obliged the State Department to monitor progress in restitution laws in countries such as Poland.

450 by Marek Strzelecki and Konrad Krasuski in Warsaw, Poland. MOVED


^Japan's top choice to be next leader says country needs big changes fast<

JAPAN-KOIZUMI:BLO — The Japanese public's top pick to become the next prime minister says the country's not ready for the scale of change he thinks it needs.

Shinjiro Koizumi, the 38-year-old son of popular former premier Junichiro Koizumi, consistently leads polls asking who should succeed long-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. As the most prominent member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's new guard, he wants quick reforms to manage the country's rapidly aging population.

800 by Isabel Reynolds and Emi Nobuhiro in Tokyo. MOVED



^Trump moving forward with revamped July 4th celebration <

TRUMP-JULY4:BLO — President Donald Trump is going full steam ahead on a plan to revamp the traditional Fourth of July celebration in Washington into a more partisan, Trump-focused event, according to The Washington Post.

The newspaper, citing administration officials including Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, reported Friday that Trump wants to move the fireworks event from its current location on the National Mall and intends to address the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

400 by Ros Krasny in Washington. MOVED


^One of Facebook's founders warns of Zuckerberg's 'near-unilateral power'<

FACEBOOK-HUGHES:BLO — Days after calling on the U.S. government to break up Facebook Inc., one of the company's co-founders amplified his concerns over the level of Mark Zuckerberg's sway across the social media empire and its billions of users.

"Zuckerberg has too much power — near-unilateral power," Chris Hughes, 35, who started Facebook with Zuckerberg when they were students at Harvard University, said in an interview to air Sunday on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS."

400 by Ben Bain in Washington. MOVED


^Facebook's Clegg pushes back against co-founder Hughes' call for a breakup<

FACEBOOK-SPLIT:BLO — Facebook's challenges can be tackled through regulation, not by breaking up the company, a company official wrote Saturday in The New York Times.

"While we operate under more regulation now than at any point in the history of the company, we believe more should be done," said Nick Clegg, the social media giant's vice president of global affairs and communications.

300 by Maria Jose Valero in New York. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^Trump compared Buttigieg to Alfred E. Neuman. The 37-year-old mayor 'didn't get the reference'<

BUTTIGIEG-TRUMP:BLO — President Donald Trump loves to dole out nicknames to his political rivals — and they almost always carry an edge of cruelty.

That was certainly the intention when the 72-year-old president compared Democrat Pete Buttigieg to Alfred E. Neuman in an interview with Politico.

To those of a certain age, Alfred E. Neuman was the geeky, gap-toothed, smiling face of subversion featured in Mad Magazine. To those not of that vintage, he might as well be Charles Bukowski.

250 by Ian Fisher. MOVED


^Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike to protest anti-abortion bill: 'There are lots of alternatives to cis men'<

^MILANO-SEXSTRIKE:NY—<Alyssa is the boss.

The activist, fashion icon and "Who's the Boss" star Alyssa Milano wants to remind the world that she is her own boss. And also that all women should be the sole boss of their own bodies.

To protest Georgia's so-called heartbeat bill, one of the country's most restrictive abortion laws that was signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp, the 46-year-old actress has opted for a non-traditional approach: a sex strike.

300 by Muri Assun o. MOVED




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