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^Thousands told to evacuate Outer Banks as Hurricane Florence reaches Category 4<

WEA-FLORENCE-3RD-LEDE:CH — A State of Emergency was declared Monday on North Carolina's Hatteras Island, with islanders and tourists leading what is expected to be a complete evacuation of coastal Dare and Hyde counties.

Dare County Emergency Management officials issued the order just hours before the National Hurricane Center upgraded Hurricane Florence from a Category 2 Hurricane to Category 4, which means it has sustained winds of 130 to 156 mph.

550 by Mark Price and Abbie Bennett in Charlotte, N.C. MOVED



Also moving as:

WEA-FLORENCE:OS — 400 by Stephen Ruiz and Lisa Maria Garza in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Increase in number of people dying from 9/11-related illnesses could result in victims' fund running out of money<

SEPT11-FUND:NY — The flood of people coming down with illnesses stemming from the toxic dust kicked up by the 9/11 terror attacks has been so great that the $7.3 billion dedicated to sufferers could run out before everyone has been helped, the Daily News has learned.

The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, which is responsible for providing financial assistance to those suffering from illnesses caused by Ground Zero contaminants, is already showing signs of strain.

1700 (with trims) by Noah Goldberg and Thomas Tracy in New York. MOVED


^17 years after Sept. 11, al-Qaida may be stronger than ever<

ALQAIDA:LA — In the almost seventeen years since the twin towers crumbled to the ground, and despite hundreds of thousands killed and billions of dollars spent, al Qaeda remains a threat.

1000 by Nabih Bulos.

Moving later

^White House stands by Trump call for DOJ search for op-ed writer<

TRUMP-OPINIONPIECE:CON — The White House on Monday doubled down on Donald Trump's request for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to start a federal manhunt for the senior administration official who anonymously penned an op-ed blasting the president.

During press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' first briefing in nearly three weeks, she criticized the media, Justice Department and FBI officials and Watergate legend Bob Woodward. But North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who Trump last Sept. 22 called a "madman," received praise.

450 by John T. Bennett in Washington. MOVED



^State Department orders Palestinian de facto embassy closed to protest refusal to talk<

USMIDEAST:LA — In the latest effort to pressure the Palestinians into long-stalled peace talks, the Trump administration announced Monday that it has ordered the closure of the office that serves as the Palestinian leadership's de facto embassy in Washington.

The move comes days after the administration said it would cut off more than $300 million in funding for the United Nations agency that provides humanitarian assistance to more than 5 million Palestinians who have scattered across the Middle East since the creation of Israel.

600 by Tracy Wilkinson in Washington. MOVED


^Trump and aides caught on tape laughing about Niger ambush that left 4 US soldiers dead<

^USNIGER-ATTACK-TRUMP:NY—<President Donald Trump drew laughs from some of his aides as he joked about what a "rough business" terrorism is while discussing an ambush in Niger that left four U.S. soldiers dead last year, according to a covert recording released Monday.

Trump made the comments during a closed-door meeting at the White House in the wake of the Oct. 4, 2017, attack on the U.S. special forces, who were advising local troops fighting Islamic extremists in the African nation.

Former White House communications aide Omarosa Manigault Newman secretly recorded the conversation and provided a tape of it to MSNBC on Monday afternoon.

500 by Chris Sommerfeldt. MOVED


^Latin America says US has itself to blame for Chinese entry into region that it opposes<

LATINAMERICA-CHINA:WA — Latin American diplomats say the United States has only itself to blame for retreating from the region, allowing China to move into the region and establish stronger economic and diplomatic ties in the Western Hemisphere.

The administration describes Chinese President Xi Jinping's signature Belt and Road Initiative, the global investment and lending program, as a debt trap fueling greater economic dependency.

1700 (with trims) by Franco Ordonez in Washington. MOVED


^US military defends policy that could boot service members with HIV<

MILITARY-HIV:BLO — The Trump administration defended a new military policy that will allegedly result in HIV-positive service members being fired in violation of their constitutional rights when it takes effect Oct. 1.

The "Deploy or Get Out!" directive is intended to improve military readiness by weeding out soldiers who can't deploy overseas for more than 12 consecutive months "for any reason." An earlier directive from the height of the AIDS crisis prevents soldiers with HIV from deploying overseas, meaning the new policy may make it impossible for them to serve.

300 by Erik Larson in New York. MOVED

^Kavanaugh witnesses frame upcoming confirmation debate<

SCOTUS-KAVANAUGH:CON — As the Senate continues its processing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it does so in the shadow of the last day of the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing, with strikingly different depictions of the appeals court judge on display.

Democrats brought a series of emotional witnesses to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday to sound more warnings about what Kavanaugh would mean for the country's legal landscape, while witnesses invited by Republicans gave straightforward descriptions of a judge with the credentials to join the high court.

700 by Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^First 3 fiscal 2019 spending bills readied for floor<

CONGRESS-SPENDING:CON — Lawmakers reached agreement Monday on three spending bills that would provide about $147.5 billion next year for the departments of Veterans Affairs and Energy, Army Corps of Engineers and lawmakers' offices and the Capitol complex.

The package came together after weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations and at times tense conversations about funding levels and policy language. Aides said it was on track to reach President Donald Trump's desk by week's end.

450 by Jennifer Shutt in Washington. MOVED


^Trump scrutiny would intensify if Democrats win House majority<

HOUSE-DEMS-AGENDA:BLO — For President Donald Trump, the nightmare scenario if Democrats win control of the U.S. House would be the death of his legislative agenda, aggressive investigations of his inner circle, and potential impeachment.

For Democratic leaders, the vision they're presenting is far tamer: a limited three-prong agenda of health care legislation aimed at cutting costs and drug prices, an infrastructure spending initiative, and an overhaul of ethics laws aimed at stamping out corruption in Washington.

Which approach prevails if Democrats roll up big wins in November depends on the size of their majority, the leaders they pick, the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, and the mood of the party's agitated base.

1100 (with trims) by Sahil Kapur and Billy House in Washington. MOVED


^Indicted Rep. Chris Collins opens up about FBI visit to home<

COLLINS:CON — When two FBI agents showed up at Rep. Chris Collins' door at 6 a.m. on April 25, it was the "shock of all shocks," he said.

Three and a half months later, on Aug. 8, officials arrested and indicted the New York Republican, his son, and the father of his son's fianc e on multiple charges of securities fraud, one count of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and one count each of making false statements.

500 by Griffin Connolly in Washington. MOVED

^Campaigns, parties can accept free service from Microsoft, FEC says<

CAMPAIGNS-MICROSOFT:CON — Federal campaigns and national party committees can accept free security services from the Microsoft Corporation after a recent Federal Election Commission ruling.

But one watchdog group called it an unprecedented opening for corporations looking to influence lawmakers and skirt campaign finance laws.

450 by Stephanie Akin in Washington. MOVED


^Rep. Ron DeSantis resigns from Congress to focus on race for governor<

FLAGOV-DESANTIS:OS — U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis resigned from Congress on Monday to concentrate on his campaign for governor against Andrew Gillum, his Democratic opponent.

"As the Republican nominee for Governor of Florida, it is clear to me that I will likely miss the vast majority of our remaining session days for this Congress," he said in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday. "Under these circumstances, it would be inappropriate to accept a salary."

400 by Gray Rohrer in Tallahassee, Fla. MOVED


^Koch network forms a new super PAC<

KOCH-SUPERPAC:CON — Americans for Prosperity, one of the conservative policy-focused arms of the network of organizations backed by the billionaire Koch brothers, is getting into the super PAC business.

400 by Niels Lesniewski in Washington. MOVED


^Virginia congressional candidate appeals court decision to kick her off ballot<

VACONGRESS:CON — Third-party candidate Shaun Brown is appealing to the Virginia Supreme Court to reverse her removal from the ballot for Virginia's 2nd District, where her opponent, GOP Rep. Scott Taylor, is entwined in ongoing litigation.

A circuit court judge last Wednesday tossed out every ballot petition sheet Brown submitted to the elections board after finding she listed an incorrect address for herself on each document.

300 by Griffin Connolly in Washington. MOVED


^Document gives details of what Dallas police officer said happened when she killed neighbor<

DALLAS-POLICE-SHOOTING-1ST-LEDE:FT — An arrest affidavit released Monday afternoon gives additional details of what happened the night a Dallas police officer shot and killed a 26-year-old man inside his apartment.

Amber Guyger, 30, is charged with manslaughter in the death of Botham Shem Jean on Thursday night. She claimed she mistook Jean's apartment for hers and opened fire, believing Jean was an intruder.

350 by Nichole Manna in Dallas. MOVED



Also moving as:

DALLAS-POLICE-SHOOTING:LA — 600 by Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Houston. MOVED


^California approves goal for 100 percent renewable energy by 2045<

CALIF-ENERGY:SA — Ahead of a summit this week meant to galvanize regional action on climate change, Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed legislation that would put California on the path to eliminating fossil fuels from its energy sector.

Senate Bill 100 speeds up the state's timeline for moving to renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and requires that all retail electricity be generated from renewables by 2045. California is the second state to adopt such a goal, after Hawaii.

400 by Alexei Koseff in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED



Also moving as:

CALIF-ENERGY:LA — 550 by Liam Dillon in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^South Carolina orders evacuation for coast ahead of Hurricane Florence<

WEA-FLORENCE-SCAROLINA:CS — South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster announced a mandatory evacuation of the South Carolina coast on Monday.

Eight counties along the coast would begin evacuating as of noon on Tuesday, McMaster said at a press briefing on Monday.

400 (with trims) by Bristow Marchant and Tom Barton in Pine Ridge, S.C. MOVED


^Stormy Daniels blasts Trump's 'offer' to waive his right to sue her<

^TRUMP-DANIELS:NY—<President Donald Trump shouldn't be allowed to simply turn tail and escape Stormy Daniels' lawsuit over her $130,000 hush money payment, the porn star argued in a scathing court filing Monday.

Daniels said Trump's sharp reversal over the weekend — where he waived his right to seek some $20 million in damages against her through arbitration and requested her lawsuit be terminated as a result — is unacceptable.

550 by Nancy Dillon. MOVED


^75 shot, 2 charged: One more charged from violent August weekend as Chicago police struggle with distrust, fear<

CHICAGO-VIOLENCE-2CHARGED:TB — It was a chance encounter between two acquaintances in a Menards parking lot, but enough for a 2-year-old dispute over $700 to boil over into gunfire.

Now Antonio Macedo is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder. That makes him just the second person arrested and charged so far with firing a gun during an August weekend that saw 75 people shot.

1500 by Jeremy Gorner And Annie Sweeney in Chicago. MOVED


^Firefighters battle blazes across California<

CALIF-WILDFIRES:LA — Firefighters are continuing to battle blazes across California, including a 166-acre fire that prompted evacuations of campers and visitors at San Gabriel Canyon over the weekend.

The Fork fire started just before noon on Sunday above Azusa on Highway 39 at the junction of East Fork Road, according to Nathan Judy, spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service. There is zero containment.

300 by Brittny Mejia in Los Angeles. MOVED


^I-5 reopens with restrictions in Shasta County, as Delta Fire approaches 50,000 acres<

CALIF-WILDFIRE:SA — An extended stretch of Interstate 5 in Shasta County has reopened with restrictions after five days of closure caused by the raging Delta Fire, which has ignited big rigs and cars, injured at least one person and consumed more than 47,000 acres as of Monday morning, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

700 by Michael Mcgough in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^San Clemente woman is accused of faking Cal Fire husband to scam people for donations<

^CALIF-WILDFIRES-SCAM:LA—< The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating a woman who is suspected of making up a firefighter husband to scam people into giving her thousands of dollars that she said would be donated to Cal Fire crews battling the Holy fire.

Investigators say Ashley Bemis, 28, of San Clemente, received $11,000 worth of donations in cash and gifts that included blankets, baby wipes, socks and food between Aug. 10 and Aug. 17, when officials began investigating. Bemis has not been arrested or charged.

550 by Alejandra Reyes-Velarde in Los Angeles. MOVED

^New 9/11 trial judge may preside less than a year<

GUANTANAMO-JUDGE:MI — The new military judge in the Sept. 11 trial said under questioning by defense attorneys Monday that he had read selections of the case's six-year record but saw no need to postpone hearings while he caught up on the pretrial proceedings that had come before him in the complex, death penalty case.

Marine Col. Keith Parrella, the judge who got the job two weeks ago, spent his first morning on the bench in the conspiracy case fielding questions from defense attorneys about his capacity to take on the case.

750 (with trims) by Carol Rosenberg at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. MOVED


^Jason Van Dyke's murder trial begins in earnest Monday with jury selection<

CHICAGO-POLICE-SHOOTING:TB — Jury selection in the murder trial of Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke gets into full swing Monday morning when face-to-face questioning of prospective jurors begins. Van Dyke, 40, a veteran of nearly 13 years with the department, faces six counts of first-degree murder, 16 counts of aggravated battery and one count of official misconduct for shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times in October 2014.

800 by the Chicago Tribune in Chicago.

Moving later

^California middle and high schools would start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. under bill sent to governor<

CALIF-SCHOOL-STARTTIMES:SD — Eileen Gaspar estimates that her high school daughter gets four to five hours of sleep a night.

Her daughter goes to Olympian High in Chula Vista, where school starts at 7:30 a.m., so she's out the door each morning by 6:45 a.m. But she has cheerleading practice every evening until about 7 p.m., and once she gets home, she has to shower, eat dinner then stay up late doing homework.

"Kids stay up so late now and doing homework, and then they have to wake up early to go to school," Gaspar said. "They don't get that eight-hour rest that they really need."

Lawmakers recently passed a bill that would force schools to start later, which some hope will address this lack-of-sleep problem that Gaspar sees in her daughter.

1050 by Kristen Taketa in San Diego. MOVED


^Allegations of racism at high school football game underscore broader tension in the Trump era<

CALIF-SCHOOL-RACISM:LA — The fallout over allegations of racism at a recent Orange County, Calif., high school football game erupted on social media over the weekend, reflecting the broader tension gripping the country in the Trump era.

The disputed incidents occurred at Friday night's contest between Aliso Niguel and Santa Ana high schools, during which Santa Ana Principal Jeff Bishop became upset by what he saw as racially tinged intimidation by Aliso Niguel students.

1100 by Howard Blume in Los Angeles. MOVED



^The depression treatment that helps African-Americans with mild cognitive impairment<

MED-DEMENTIA-BLACKS:PH — A technique developed to change the behavior of people with depression helped prevent worsening of cognitive function in African-Americans with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a new study from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital found. People with MCI are at higher risk for developing dementia than other older adults.

The research is important because there are no medications that prevent cognitive decline, and other studies have shown that the dementia rate for black Americans is up to twice as high as it is for white Americans.

600 by Stacey Burling in Philadelphia. MOVED



NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.

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^Trump wants to toughen the nation's libel laws, but he isn't likely to succeed<

^TRUMP-LIBEL-ANALYSIS:LA—<Donald Trump hates to lose unless he wins by losing.

So, when it comes to libel laws, the president seems happy to portray himself as a victim.

On Wednesday, in response to the publication of excerpts from author Bob Woodward's new, critical book on his presidency, Trump called on "Washington politicians" to change the nation's libel laws.

But neither Trump nor Congress can easily change them, and his own inflammatory rhetoric would certainly be a casualty were libel laws toughened.

750 by Norman Pearlstine. MOVED


^Inmates help battle California's wildfires, but when freed, many can't get firefighting jobs<

^CALIF-WILDFIRES-INMATES:SA—< Inmates who fight California's devastating wildfires also do conservation work, preserving parks and maintaining forests. For their work, they are paid $2 a day plus a dollar for every hour they fight wildfires.

But when those inmates are released, it can be hard for them to turn their months of work into steady jobs as firefighters on the outside. Background checks that pull up criminal histories often disqualify people, even if just the year before, they were helping put out wildfires.

1650 (with trim) by Adesuwa Agbonile. MOVED




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