Killeen is continuing its search for a permanent manager to preside over the city’s animal control department.

On Monday, the city confirmed 14 people applied for the position, which was posted on its website last week.

The animal control manager is responsible for the overall management of animal control, including running the city’s animal shelter.

The city has been without a permanent employee in the position since October, when the former manager, Stacie Sherva, was placed on administrative leave. She was terminated in January after an investigation into allegations she violated department policy related to the management of personnel and the proper care of animals.

In Sherva’s absence, Police Chief Dennis Baldwin assigned Killeen Police Department Cmdr. Lee Caufield to supervise animal control and the city’s animal shelter on a temporary basis as interim animal control manager.

Since he took over, Caufield instituted several changes. Those include changing the shelter’s intake and cleaning procedures, as well as a more active outreach to the public through adoption events.

Caufield said the current job description was “retooled” and updated since it was last posted.

“(The requirements) have been geared more toward management and organization,” Caufield said.

While the previous description only required 60 hours of college credit, the current position’s basic requirements for the job include a bachelor’s degree in business management, public administration or a similar degree, and three years of experience in management of personnel and “operational designs.”

“The previous document was old, and focused mostly on animal control,” Caufield said. “We still want that, and we can train you in that, but what we are really looking for is managerial skills.”

The manager also directly supervises the animal control field supervisor, and oversees the supervision of all animal control personnel, according to the job description.

Facility management experience in animal control, or public health zoonosis control, is preferred, according to the city’s job posting. The job positing does not list a salary, stating the pay “depends on qualifications.”

According to the job description, anyone chosen for the job will be required to earn an animal control basic certification from the Texas Department of Health or must obtain certification within 12 months of hire.

As of Monday, the city was still taking applications for the position. The website does not list a final deadline to submit applications.

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