By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

Rain or not, it will be a wet summer in Killeen.

The aquatic center, currently under construction in Lion's Club Park, is projected to open in time for a watery July 4 festival.

At Tuesday's meeting, the Killeen City Council discussed the center's fee structure, which is expected to be approved next week.

Children 3 and younger would get in free. Admission for children between 4 and 18 would be $4; the same price would apply for those 55 and older. Everyone else would pay $6.

Those numbers would apply to residents only.

Family passes would be available only to those wanting a pass for the entire season, with prices ranging from $175 for residents to $250 for non-residents.

Assistant City Manager Glenn Morrison said Tuesday that officials intend to check utility bills or find some sort of reliable verification of residency.

Season passes would be available at a cost of $75 per person, $50 for those younger than 19 and older than 54.

"It's going to happen during the summertime. We kind of envision a big weekend," Morrison said. "We'll have a very reduced rate. It'll be almost a small festival, like a water festival, have vendors out there. We'll really have a nice weekend."

The aquatic center, which will have a maximum capacity of 780 people, will have a 2,180-square-foot bathhouse and a 10,360-square-foot multiuse pool. It also will have a 25-meter lap pool (one-half the size of an Olympic pool, but the minimum regulation size for competitions), three water slides, a bowl slide and shade shelters.

The center carries a $5.7 million price tag.

Several councilmen at the meeting indicated support for the prices, while Councilman Billy Workman said he felt the fees needed to be lower.

"We have a large population here," Workman said. "We have kids going to jail left and right, and we need to do something for these kids."

Councilmen Kenny Wells and Juan Rivera said the

fee structure is appropriate, especially since no city in the area can match it.

On March 23, 2008, a contract was signed to bring the process to fruition. Engineers emphasized they came to the decisions based on visits with members of the community development department.

The park was at the heart of a debate late last year when six councilmen voted to award the contract to local developer Purser Construction, though the Purser bid was higher than an Austin-based competitor.

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