Killeen fire

The aftermath of a fire at 1302 N. Gray St. in Killeen is seen Friday morning. Officials say at least three died in the blaze at Casa Tejas apartment complex.

Brandon Janes

At least three people are dead after a fire ripped through a downtown apartment complex early Friday morning.

Firefighters have found three bodies in what remains of the Casa Tejas apartment complex, located at 1302 N. Gray St. Firefighters continued today to search the scene of the late night blaze, Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said.

All three bodies were found in the same apartment, Smith said. They have not been publicly identified pending notification of next of kin. Four residents are still unaccounted for, police said in a statement at 10:30 this morning, and the Killeen Community Center is being used as a temporary shelter for apartment residents. The American Red Cross is also helping survivors.

Firefighters received a call of a structure fire at the complex at 12:04 a.m., Smith said. Within hours, the entire complex had caught fire.

The fire has been extinguished, and investigators remain at the scene. No cause has been identified.

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I have lived in my area of Killeen for approximately 10 years and have only saw the hydrant which is within feet of my house, checked twice.

Now since this fire which took lives has happened and Kitty hearing the problems the fire dept had, shows attention needs to be brought of this problem to the Mayor and council, all of these people are new except two so I am certain they would not be aware of this dangerous problem.

My home owners ins. wants to know how close my property is to a fire hydrant,if they knew there's a possibility the hydrants aren't working property,that could be a problem in itself.


Thank you Kitty. While the council and city departments seem to focus on the exciting south side, I believe the north side deserves the same amount of attention. I heard of another incident of faulty hydrants off of 10th Street last year. Report was the 8 inch line only allowed maybe 4 inches of water through the line becase of corresion over the many years they've been there. Unbelieveable KFD doesn't inspect to ensure operabiliity during an emergency. Hydrants are their onsite tool/resource and are just as important (maybe more) than the shiny fire trucks.



I'm pretty sure the info you're looking for is about my brother. They haven't released the names so I can't say his name. It wasn't Scarz though. He did do his AIT in Columbia as 91 Bravo.

How can I get a hold of you? What was your son's name?


Would like to have contact info of the service members family. My son was stationed with him in Columbia SC AIT school for mechanic school. He heard the news. Today. He's stationed in Korea. My regards to the family of scarz. I think thats the name. Please provide info


I am seriously disappointed. The following facts have not been investigated or even reported to citizens, but are well known to the KFD as I listened to this live on the Police scanner via internet as it occurred: Fire hydrant at 8th and Dunn not pressured, 10th and Dunn fire hydrant manned by FH ladder truck 3 not pressurized and first only a trickle of water, hydrant at 2nd and Dunn (3 blocks away) was going to be used but was nixed, hydrant at Texas and Dunn with 800 ft of connected hoses used...and it goes on and on. Some culpability lies with the City for non-functioning fire hydrants and the resulting massive delay in fighting this fire as one would expect. The KFD did request the Water Dept to show up to help them figure out exactly what could be used, etc...I also respect the KFD calling in all volunteers at 2:30am. It seems the older neighborhoods throughout town are suffering from lact of maintenance and necessary upgrades, specifically the neighborhoods built in the 1950's to 1970's should be on a strict regimen of water line and fire hydrant upgrades. The "new" council should take extreme steps to make these repairs a City priority before our City gets hammered with lawsuits. Now exactly how safe do you feel living in your home in your older neighborhood?

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