LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY — Arrest affidavits indicated audio and video evidence showed three men allegedly turned on their vehicles’ windshield-mounted emergency red and blue lights when they boxed in London Harris’ car on June 5.

None of the three firefighters — John Burroughs of Temple, Joshua Adkins of Killeen and Jeremy Mercer of Heidenheimer — are Bell County law enforcement officers and aren’t authorized by the Texas Transportation Code to use emergency lights. The men were acting as bond apprehension agents, not firefighters, when they approached Harris.

All three — charged with impersonating a public servant — are suspended from the Little River-Academy Volunteer Fire Department. Burroughs, 31, is the assistant fire chief, while Mercer, 50, is the captain. Adkins, 28, is a firefighter. Their suspensions continue until the investigation is finished.

A video camera from one of the vehicles showed Adkins driving really fast toward the intersection of Spur 93 and FM 93, where London Harris was.

Adkins turned into the oncoming lane to block her in, the affidavit said.

Burroughs and Mercer allegedly pulled in right behind Harris’ car, and their lights were flashing in their front windshields.

Adkins got out of his vehicle with his handgun in his hand, and holstered it when he walked toward Harris’ car. Burroughs and Mercer came from behind her car, according to the affidavit.

Harris was allegedly on the phone with 911 when the three men walked up to her car. However, once she told them she was talking with 911, the men quickly left, Harris said.

The investigative information in the affidavits closely matched the description of events Harris previously described to the Telegram.

A previous encounter

This wasn’t the first time Burroughs and Mercer approached Harris, she said in the affidavit.

The two men showed up at her home the night of May 1 and reportedly said they were law enforcement officers and worked for Bell County. They said they needed to serve her husband with a citation, Harris said.

Burroughs can’t be a licensed bail bondsman/bounty hunter because he was convicted of both felony and misdemeanor offenses in Bell County courtrooms. In addition, Burroughs is on an extended probationary period because of a previous felony conviction and probation violation.

The men were searching for Glenn David Barfield III, 40, of Little River-Academy, who had a warrant for criminal trespass because he hadn’t shown up for a mandated court appearance. Barfield turned himself in Monday to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department and was later released after he posted a $3,000 bond.

Harris recorded the encounter with the men and gave it to investigators. The investigators heard Burroughs say he was law enforcement and worked for Bell County. Mercer refused to identify himself but said he was “with Burroughs.”

She asked for identification that night that proved they were law enforcement officers, but they didn’t show her anything, Harris said.

Burroughs, Adkins and Mercer were all arrested Thursday and were in the Bell County Jail until they bonded out Friday.

Burroughs’ $100,000 release on bond was provided by Anderson & White Bail Bonds. Adkins and Mercer were released on personal recognizance bonds.

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