Aware Central

Aware Central Texas is  at 1003 N. Main St. in Belton.

Aware Central Texas is a Belton-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse, neglect and family violence.

Aware began in 1986 as the Family Outreach of Bell County. There were 34 similar centers across Texas, with four located in Central Texas until 2003, when the Texas Legislature cut funding.

All but 10 centers closed, and Central Texas was left with one.

Aware Central Texas was created in 2006, and is no longer associated with Family Outreach Services, according to the organization’s website.

Currently, it is the only agency in the region that solely focuses on violence prevention.

The organization not only provides a 24/7 hotline, support, counseling and case management services for victims of violence, it also provides awareness and education in Bell, McLennan and Coryell counties.

The organization offers several classes and support groups. These include anger management classes for juveniles and adults, as well as parenting classes.

Aware also offers the Community Awareness and Resource Empowerment Program and Cognitive Awareness (& Violence) Prevention Program.

Other programs the organization offers are: HOPE Survivors of Child Abuses and Workshops and VOICE Domestic Violence Support Groups.

Rely on donors

As a nonprofit organization, Aware Central Texas relies heavily on support from the community.

According to information provided by Guidestar online, the organization reported a revenue of $332,326, and expenses of $295,000 for 2012.

Of its expenses, about $216,700 was spent on Aware’s various programs, and $73,952 was spent on administrative costs.

Of its revenue, about $145,000 came from the community.

Those funds include donations from organizations like the United Way of the Greater Fort Hood Area.

The organization received $1,200 from the United Way, according to Sue Ellen Jackson, Aware Central Texas’ executive director.

“All our finding comes from grants and support from the community,” Jackson said. “We rely heavily on the community to help support us in our mission to prevent abuse and family violence.”

For more information about Aware Central Texas, call 254-939-7582 or go to | 254-501-7568

Contact Chris McGuinness at or (254) 501-7568. Follow him on Twitter at ChrismKDH.

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