Food banks in Killeen, Copperas Cove and Harker Heights collectively acquired more than 228,000 pounds of food during the Food for Families drives this weekend.

Gerald Farris, director of the Killeen Food Center, was still weighing food Monday, but his tally as of Monday afternoon was 103,000 pounds of donated food.

“It’s going to be real close to last year’s total,” he said. “We had a goal of 125,000 and we didn’t make that, but I think we still did pretty good.”

Last year, a little more than 100,000 pounds of food were donated to the center.

Farris said he believes the inclement weather took its toll on the number of donations.

Copperas Cove

Doris McCrary, head of Food for Families in Copperas Cove, said the group had a 24,000-pound increase from last year in the number of donations it received.

“The weather was bad, but the giving was good,” she said. “The weather didn’t stop the people from coming out and donating. We are so thankful to all of them.”

McCrary said 61,115 pounds of food were donated in Copperas Cove, 20,000 pounds more than last year.

Harker Heights

Linda Dawson, director of the Harker Heights food pantry, said the weather didn’t slow down donations in Harker Heights, either.

“There were more people coming out than I thought there would be with the cold and the rain,” she said. “Monetary donations were down a bit, but food-wise we did pretty well. I don’t think the weather hurt us too much.”

Dawson said she did not know how many pounds of food were donated because it goes to the Killeen Food Care Center to be weighed and distributed as needed.


Darel McWhorter, director of the Care Center in Gatesville, said the center collected more than 326,000 pounds of donated food.

He said donations were still rolling in.

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