Numerous people work behind the scenes in the city of Killeen daily to ensure residents’ safety and that their quality of life is maintained from day to day.

Most of them do their jobs without much recognition from the public and often go unnoticed. Take the garbage collector, for example, who, without fail, comes down the street every week, picks up the trash and leaves the can to be filled back up, only to return again the next week and do it all over again.

Last week, the city and the Killeen Public Library partnered for Truck Day. Children joyfully filled the parking lot to get a glimpse of the different trucks in the city’s fleet — from garbage trucks, fire trucks and police cars to school buses and cement trucks.

Linda Bailey, a librarian assistant, organized the event four years ago to appeal to children, because what child isn’t mesmerized by a big truck or sirens? Her hope for the event was to get children outside learning and doing something they would find fun.

I would say her idea has proven to be successful, as she adds more trucks to the event each year, and the crowd continually grows.

Even though the event was organized to pique the interest of children, though, there’s much to be taken away by adults who attend it, too.

While children are climbing inside the vehicles, honking the horns and setting off the sirens dreaming of the day they can be a police officer or a firefighter, adults have the opportunity to see how different people within the city perform duties that are necessary to keep their lives running smoothly.

Although these city employees often go unnoticed by the public as they perform their day-to-day duties, their absence would certainly be felt.

Events like Truck Day bring the people in these roles, who we typically don’t think about, to the forefront to show off their toys and what they do daily.

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