By Hayley Kappes

Killeen Daily Herald

Employees of the Bell County Sheriff's Office were recognized at Monday's Commissioners Court meeting for outstanding service and dedication.

Bell County Sheriff Dan Smith awarded officers and civilians for appreciation, longevity, physical fitness and life saving, among others.

Lt. Mary Farley received the Sheriff's Award for exemplifying the best qualities of what law enforcement represents on a daily basis.

Smith said Farley provided crucial leadership and guidance during the county's transition to the new jail, on top of her regular day-to-day duties. The sheriff said he was proud to be her boss.

Farley's biggest job was to help outsource the commissary, medical and dental programs, which all had to be redesigned for the new facility.

"It's pretty overwhelming. I wasn't expecting this," Farley said, who has been with Bell County's Sheriff's Office for 15 years. "We have to adjust to different things throughout the day and always expect the unexpected. I don't consider the job hard because I come prepared every day."

Other Commissioners Court action:

The Bell County 4-H Consumer Decision Making Team won first place at the Western National 4-H Roundup in Denver, Jan. 7 through 11. The court recognized team members Dorothy Wood, Elizabeth Wood, David Fasolino and Victoria Eller for their achievement.

A contract with Wharry Engineering was approved for roofing maintenance and consulting. The court granted an exemption from requirements of the Local Government Code under discretionary exemptions.

A data access agreement between Bell County and the Office of the Attorney General was passed that supports their duties in the administration of a Child Support Enforcement Strategy, following the Texas Family Code.

No action happened on the outdoor burn ban, which is still set to expire at 10 a.m. Feb. 23.

A variance to the 25 foot building setback line on lot 7, block 1, of Shiloh Terrace phase 3 for Dan Rose, the developer of the subdivision, was approved.

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Bell County Sheriff's Office 2009 award recipients

Civilian Certificate of Appreciation – Morgan Lewing, Mark Meyer and the Bell County maintenance team.

Honor guard – Donald Buckram, T.J. Cruz, Jason Davis, Frank Hernandez, Darryl Lynce, Robert McClinton, Perry Moose, Iole Ortiz, Robert Pettigrew, Dep. Darryle Staton and Marco Villareal.

Letters of appreciation – Dep. Darryle Staton, Dep. Curtis Nichols, Sgt. John Butry, Sgt. Diana DeFord, Sgt. Diana DeFord, Sgt. Paul McCoy and Sgt. Johnnie Thomas.

Five year pins – Jimmy Bacon, Ryan Blankemeier, Tamara Castille, Sasha Crutcher, Jason Davis, Mariano Leon-Guerrero, LaTrenda Maryland, Karen Porter, Jose Tirado and Clifford Turner

10 year pins – Wanda Amora, Martha Ayala, Alfred Brown, Kimberly Heald, Norman Hubbard, Redeana James, William Jones, Michael Pigford, Robert Reinhard and Daniel Rolfe.

15 year pins – John Byrd, Tommy Camden, Jenny Clay, Daryl Coleman, Cecil Douglas, Charles Grogan, Frankie Martinez, Robert Pettigrew, Teresa Phelps and Dan Route.

20 year pins – Rickie Horsley, Aaron Ingram and Darryl Lynce.

25 year pins – Charles (Chuck) Cox

30 year pins – Leverta (Lucky) Coleman and Dickie Henke

Top Gun award – Investigator Esteban (Stevie) Ramirez III.

Physical Fitness award – Nicholas Brown, Richard Clemmons, T.J. Cruz, Alexander Cruz-Nazario, Tabitha Haggerty, Kevin Hill, James Kolbert, Jerri Lamb, Jimmy Lewing, Darryl Lynce, Hope Matteson, Curtis Nichols, Glenn Pitrucha, Kenneth Sheka, Richard Taylor, Stacey Tennison and Rodrick Tisdale.

Life Saving award – Cpl. Arden Rivenbark, Cpl. Timothy Braswell, Edward Huncherick, Jimmy Bacon and Joseph Tirado.

Sheriff's award – Lt. Charles Grogan and Lt. Mary Farley.

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