BELTON — The Belton City Council on Tuesday approved a design contract with a Temple engineering firm for the reconstruction of 24th Avenue, which could serve a future residential development on the closed Leon Valley Golf Course property, City Manager Sam Listi said.

The City Council voted unanimously to award a $50,000 engineering contract to Clark and Fuller PLLC, of Temple, with funding dedicated in the city’s tax incremental reinvestment zone budget.

Discussing the item, Mayor Pro tem Marion Grayson said she had concerns about the city dedicating so much for upgrades on the residential road in North Belton.

Last year, Clark and Fuller estimated the probable cost, from design through construction, of the proposed improvements at $569,228.

Grayson asked Listi whether the road is expected to provide a future access point to a housing development on the golf course — something the city has yet to discuss in public meetings.

Listi said the street would serve the development and function as one of the city’s incremental improvements to improve traffic in North Belton as well.

The improvements on 24th Avenue would consist of widening the road at the intersection of North Main Street to accommodate three lanes, including two westbound turn lanes onto North Main, one each for turning left and right, according to Public Works Director Mike Huber.

Construction along 24th Avenue would also include curb and gutters, a 6-foot sidewalk on the north side of the street

and storm sewer inlets and piping to address regional drainage as well as the construction of potential bike lanes, Huber said.

Councilwoman Jerri Gauntt asked whether the unnamed developer of the golf course property could share the cost of improvements to 24th Avenue.

Mayor Jim Covington said it was a little premature to request a cost share.

“It would seem to me ... that the project is a little too far removed from development to ask the developer to share the expenses of improvements,” he said.

Councilman David K. Leigh said in light of a possible subdivision going up on the old golf course property, the city should revisit a back entrance to H-E-B Plus for those in the neighborhood who now have to use Main Street to access the grocery store.

Clark and Fuller estimated the design work on the 24th Avenue improvements should be completed within 120 days, Huber said.

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