By Sonya Campbell

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON - A list of about 3,500 names is posted on the city of Belton website - "all defendants with outstanding warrants in Belton."

Warrants are for outstanding traffic, parking, city ordinance and penal code violations, as well as other charges from participating jurisdictions.

The people on the list were reportedly mailed notices recently, and are urged to contact the appropriate jurisdiction(s) to dispose of their cases voluntarily.

Those who don't come forward soon risk being embarrassed in front of their family, friends and/or co-workers when law enforcement conducts a warrant roundup March 5.

This marks the fifth year for the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

About 250 law enforcement agencies and courts statewide are combining efforts to carry out the roundup, including numerous counties, justices of the peace, constables and municipalities.

The Belton Municipal Court and police department are among the participants.

The roundup is believed to be the largest joint operation of its kind, with arrests expected to continue for several days, according to information posted on the city's website.

Specific information as to the number of outstanding warrants, how to take care of warrants prior to arrest, and any other special roundup activities or events, may be obtained by contacting the representative for each agency.

A list of defendants with outstanding warrants in Belton is available in the Belton Municipal Court office, 711 E. Second Ave., and on the city's website at

For more information, call Police Chief Gene Ellis at (254) 933-5840 or the Municipal Court at (254) 933-5838.

Contact Sonya Campbell at or (254) 501-7585.

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