After committee meetings in October, November and December and two public forums this month, the Belton Independent School District administration is recommending new middle school boundaries.

The district’s board of trustees will consider the boundaries for approval at its 6 p.m. meeting Monday at the Belton ISD Administration Building, 400 N. Wall St.

The new boundaries would take effect during the 2014-15 school year. In June, Belton Middle School will close and become part of Belton High School.

Meanwhile, North Belton Middle School is planned to open in August, joining South Belton and Lake Belton middle schools in serving the district’s students in grades 6-8.

Under the proposed map, middle school students in next year’s elementary attendance zones for Leon Heights, Miller Heights, Pirtle, Southwest east of Main Street and Tarver south of West Adams Avenue would attend Lake Belton Middle School.

Students zoned for High Point, Lakewood and Tarver north of West Adams Avenue would attend North Belton Middle School.

Students zoned for Chisholm Trail, Sparta and Southwest west of Main Street would attend South Belton Middle School.

“The map that we are recommending to the board is the result of an open and inclusive process,” Superintendent Susan Kincannon said.

“We listened when parents told us that they wanted their children to go to middle school with the rest of their elementary school, and this map reflects that.”

The proposed boundaries would keep students in seven of the district’s nine elementary attendance zones together when they transition to a middle school. Under the district’s current map, two of the district’s elementary zones would remain together for the 2014-2015 school year.

Other priorities considered were demographic balance, campus size, future growth, transportation and minimizing changes for current middle school students.

“These priorities were identified by a committee of parents, educators and community members that met three times during the fall and reviewed more than 20 potential maps,” Kincannon said.

“They’re also the same issues that parents discussed at our public forums earlier this month and in dozens of comments submitted online.”

The proposed map improves the demographic balance of the district’s middle schools, Deputy Superintendent Eric Haugeberg said.

The recommended map also most closely matches what the public favored, based on feedback during committee meetings and public forums, Kincannon said.

“This is the map that the community preferred,” she said. “It received the highest ranking from the committee, and more people submitting public comments listed it as their preference than any other option.”

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