BELTON — As Belton Independent School District administrators and board members look ahead, they must decide whether to open a second comprehensive high school in the next decade.

Superintendent Susan Kincannon provided some background about the district’s surging student enrollment at a school board workshop this week, which was part of the Roadmap to Belton ISD 2025 series.

When the Belton High School campus opened in 1979, it was built for 1,100 students, she said.

Major renovations were made to the school in 2006 when it served 2,079 students.

The district’s latest enrollment numbers, provided to the state in October, include 2,603 students now at Belton High School.

“Belton High School is the 105th largest high school in Texas out of 1,057 schools, in terms of enrollment,” Kincannon said.

Questions to be considered by district leaders — with plenty of input from community members — is whether the district should plan for two Class 4A schools, a 5A and a 4A or one large 6A campus, as well as the pros and cons of each option.

The designations 4A, 5A and 6A are University Interscholastic League classifications that determine everything from which football teams are placed in a district to where UIL academic teams will compete.

“We expect our high school (enrollment) to exceed capacity within the next decade,” Kincannon said.

That’s despite the fact the high school will annex the Belton Middle School property for use as a ninth-grade facility, and the fact that a few hundred of those students will attend Belton New Tech High School.

“There are multiple paths we can take to address our needs,” Kincannon said.

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