Belton High School will annex the nearby Belton Middle School campus at the end of this school year, and the Belton Independent School District’s board of trustees heard plans for that property at its meeting this week.

A transition team of parents, students and staff discussed the role of the BMS property, “and we’ve gotten some really good input,” Superintendent Susan Kincannon said.

“A consensus is that the best use of the facility would be for ninth-grade core classes, but it’s important that the building is an extension of Belton High School, and not a continuation of the middle school environment.”

Among the issues discussed were safety concerns, as students travel across Tiger Drive to and from the main high school campus, supervision of students during the transition and the scheduling of electives at the main campus, Kincannon said.

School board president Randy Pittenger asked if the infrastructure was available at the BMS campus to continue the 1-to-1 technology initiative that has been a strong focal point of the school board.

“Yes, we have planned for that, and also to update the campus to ensure it feels like part of the high school,” Kincannon said.

“Will the technology upgrades be built in or extras?” Pittenger asked.

“Built in,” Deputy Superintendent Eric Haugeberg said.

Whether space at the facility would be available for career and technical education program also was discussed.

Middle school changes

While Belton Middle School becomes part of the high school, the district will still have three middle school campuses next year, as North Belton joins Lake Belton and South Belton in serving students in grades six to eight.

“Some of the main themes discussed were campus size, demographic balance, future growth, neighborhood schools, students having to change schools and transportation,” Haugeberg said.

Four maps will be presented at public forums scheduled for 6 p.m. Jan. 6 at South Belton Middle School and 6 p.m. Jan. 7 at Lake Belton Middle School.

The maps are available for viewing at

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