BELTON — Homeowners will receive their new 96-gallon carts for trash and recyclables this week in preparation of citywide curbside recycling, which starts in January.

A company contracted through Waste Management, the city’s waste provider, is expected to deliver the green- and yellow-top carts to the curbs of Belton homes starting Monday and continuing through Friday, city spokesman Paul Romer said.

Starting in January, homeowners will receive trash service once a week (Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday) and recycling service every other week on Wednesdays.

Although the 96-gallon carts will arrive next week, city officials asked residents not to use them until the week of Jan. 6, or when the city’s new waste contract begins.

Only half of the city will have recycling service on that first Wednesday, Jan. 8; the other half will be serviced Jan. 15, Romer said.

Currently, Waste Management crews manually empty curbside trashcans, but the company is working on a device to aid trash collectors in lifting the larger 96-gallon carts.

Those devices won’t be available to crews until Jan. 6, Public Works Director Mike Huber said.

The city opted to deliver the carts before the holidays because of concerns that some families may be out of town when they arrive and that empty bins abandoned along the curb would offer a clue that property owners were not home, Huber said.

Starting the week of Jan. 6, Waste Management crews also will collect up to three additional curbside items, as long as the items are bagged, bundled or boxed, no longer than 4 feet and less than 50 pounds.

Trash crews will also collect any unwanted trashcans, so long as the word “Take” is clearly visible, Romer said.

The new carts also come with an added bonus: Belton homeowners will begin paying less for waste collection under the city’s new contract, with their current monthly trash bill of $15.48 dropping to $14.76 starting next month.

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