NOLANVILLE — There was a noticeable look of apprehension on the face of Crystal Teschner, of Killeen, whose 4-year-old son, Nathan, was about to participate Saturday in his first bike rodeo sponsored by Northside Baptist Church.

“He’s so little and it’s his first time, but he’s excited and ready to go,” she said.

Nathan and 25 other children ages 3 to 12 took part in the Bike Rodeo that has been ongoing annually since 2005.

Dale Cowan, a church member, said the Bike Rodeo is a community event and shows residents that Northside is concerned about the safety of children on the streets riding bikes.

The Bike Rodeo obstacle course was a half-milelong and designed by Cowan.

“I try something new every year so there is that element of surprise,” he said.

Cowan added he gets equipment support from the Temple Fire Department and the orange cones are provided at every rodeo by the Fort Hood Police Department.

The course featured the proper way to stop, using hand signals and looking both directions.

The students had to negotiate riding around cones without knocking them over, followed by riding as fast as possible then stopping without skidding.

The final part of the course was a curvy trail cut through grass.

This was a timed event and whoever had the fastest time got a special prize.

Dean Fredrickson, 10, said the grass course was not as easy as it looked.

“The grass was slick and the turns were sharp,” he said.

At the end of the ride, Teschner breathed a sigh of relief.

“Nathan did good and I’m feeling a lot better,” she said.

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