COPPERAS COVE — While the Kettle is closing its doors, it is presenting Black Meg 43 with the opportunity of a new restaurant location and floor plan.

“We don’t have ink on the deal,” Kettle owner Tim Lyons said about Black Meg 43 taking over the lease for the property where the Kettle is located.

Black Meg 43, which is right across U.S. Highway 190 from the Kettle’s building, has been negotiating with the business and its landlords, General Electric Company, for some time, said Lyons.

Black Meg 43 formally started looking for a new location when the restaurant’s owner was made aware Nov. 20 that CVS Pharmacy would be buying its current leased location. An eviction notice came a day later.

Allan Vasseur, owner of Black Meg 43 in Copperas Cove, wouldn’t comment on the move because the deal was not final.

“We should have an answer by the end of the week,” said Vasseur.

While the property was presented last week by Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation as a possible future site for Black Meg 43, the EDC isn’t responsible for turning a deal around for the business, said Polo Enriquez, executive director of the corporation.

“If my timetables are correct, they actually started to discuss using that location before (Nov. 20,) but they also talked to us and we provided them with a number of other places and introduced them to some other people,” said Enriquez.

Having options will help ensure the Copperas Cove-based hamburger franchise will stay in the city, he said.

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That's a good location, but is something going to be done with the building? The Kettle (the building it is in, not necessarily the company) is NASTY!

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