The Killeen Personnel Hearing Board has ruled in the case of fired city finance director Barbara Gonzales, but is waiting for final actions from the city to reveal its findings, board chairman Frederick Bee said Friday.

“We have made a decision, but until (City Manager Glenn Morrison) either accepts it or rejects it, any questions dealing with the case or our decision we defer to the city,” Bee said.

The employee review panel heard nearly six hours of testimony Wednesday regarding Gonzales’ December termination, and was asked to submit a nonbinding recommendation to Morrison before Wednesday.

The board may either uphold Morrison’s December decision to fire Gonzales or recommend she be reinstated on the grounds that she was discriminated against or treated unfairly.

Gonzales was fired after a two-month investigation of the Killeen Fleet Services Division that revealed rampant theft in the city’s motorpool, which was under Gonzales’ purview.

The Civilian Personnel Hearing Board includes Bee, former Killeen Councilwoman Rosa Hereford, Valerie Jordan, Brockley Moore and Dirk Davis. Davis did not attend the hearing.

Bee said Friday the board is waiting for one member to sign the official recommendation, which requires signatures from all four members of the committee who attended the hearing.

Once the recommendation is given to Morrison, he will have 30 days to reverse or uphold his Dec. 12 decision to fire Gonzales.

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30 days for Glenn to make a decision on whether he will hire her back? Will that many days really make a difference in what he decides?

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