LAMPASAS — Lampasas Economic Development Corporation board members want to spend advertising dollars to help promote growth and attract new businesses.

“We’re putting together our work plan for next year and looking at the best use of our advertising dollars,” City Manager Finley deGraffenried said Wednesday. “The board asked for the possibility to enhance the website we use for promotion and improve image building for the community.”

Board member Christian Toups, who also serves on the Lampasas City Council, said the expense is already in the budget.

“We would like to update the website similar to what the city did with theirs,” Toups said. “It would come out of our advertising and promotion budget, and the funds are there to do it. We spent next to nothing last year, and this will make a big difference.”

Toups said the EDC allocated $7,500 for advertising. Last year, the group spent only $300 of that amount.

The city of Lampasas launched an interactive website in May at a cost of approximately $30,000, and the benefits of the new launch, over time, are more than expected to pay for that cost.

Board members also spent considerable time in executive session Wednesday. One topic of conversation included the city’s cooperation with businesses that have shown an interest in expanding to the Lampasas area.

DeGraffenried said the EDC’s focus is to identify attractive programs for newer, expanding businesses.

“We are working with one, solid relocation and the possibility of two other businesses coming here, but for now, they wish to remain anonymous,” deGraffenried said.

“Anytime a business relocates, there is a positive impact from the spin-off dollars, increasing payroll amounts and the living and working arrangements it adds to the community.”

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