HARKER HEIGHTS — Even though Deya Spano likes the convenience of her Kindle, for her, there is nothing like turning the pages and marking up an actual book.

With her two daughters in tow, Spano perused the large selection of used books for sale during the Friends of the Stewart C. Meyer Library’s semiannual book sale Saturday.

“We originally came to support our friend and local author Ericka Richard at the Author Fair, and we just stumbled upon this sale,” Spano said. “You can’t beat the prices, so I told my girls to stock up on more age-appropriate reads for them so we can update our in-home library. I want them to love reading, so by being able to pick up some new books, it keeps them excited about reading.”

The used book sale generates funds to run extra library programs. This year, the sale brought in $1,046.

“The community likes to come out and

buy our used books,” said Julianna Greene, Friends treasurer. “At $1 a book, we were able to get 1,000 books out into the community, which is a win for us.”

Megan Spano, 12, couldn’t rummage through the children’s book table fast enough. “I love to read, so I’m excited about all the new books I’m getting today,” she said, piling up books in her arms. “I really like books set in the American pioneer (era) and I was able to find a couple of those and some mystery ones, too.”

Adjacent to the book sale, 14 local authors set up tables in the foyer of the library to meet their readers. Visitors also were able to purchase the authors’ published works.

“I came into the library today to pick up my usual audio book and I was delighted to see the local authors here,” Janet Cooper said. “I love reading, so being able to speak with local artists is a real treat. I hope to add to my collection of autographed books at home by picking up a couple new books today.”

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