BELTON — Brandon Bozon returned to his hometown to help take care of its money.

Bozon, Belton’s new finance director, settled into his new office March 31, shortly after Cristy Daniell retired. Bozon, 27, knows he has a tough legacy to follow.

Born and raised in Belton, Bozon spent his summers working at banks.

After high school, he moved to College Station, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in accounting at Texas A&M University before completing a master’s degree in finance at A&M.

He became a certified public accountant and received internships with two large accounting firms.

“I’ve always been attracted to numbers,” he said. “My mom is a CPA and my dad has worked in banking.” Bozon’s mother, Barbara Bozon, is the director of Central Texas Housing Consortium.

City Manager Sam Listi said he did not hire Bozon simply because of his Belton connections.

Listi said Bozon’s strongest assets are his ability to solve problems and create clear expectations for the people with whom he works. “He has great communication skills.”

Bozon said one of the reasons he returned to Belton was because of his “deep connections” in the community.

“This job came up so unexpectedly for me,” he said. “It’s really exciting. I’m just trying to wrap my arms around what’s going on.”

Bozon said one of his biggest challenges so far is learning the jargon of city finance in addition to creating a readable budget for the city’s website.

“You ideally want the average person to pick up the city’s budget and be able to tell where the tax dollars are going,” he said.

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