The city of Killeen issued two boil-water notices Friday, while the city of Lampasas rescinded its citywide notice issued earlier in the week.

The first was issued around 4 a.m. for properties located in western Killeen in the area bounded by Fort Hood Road on the east, Clear Creek Road on the west, Watercrest Drive on the north and State Highway 201 on the south.

A water sensor malfunction in a ground storage tank caused the water outage. Crews were called out at approximately 7 p.m. Thursday and were able to restore service.

As the system recovers, residents may notice air coming from their water taps. This is normal as pressure rebuilds and will subside, according to the city.

Residents in this area should boil all water prior to consumption until water sampling results confirm that no contamination occurred. Public notice will be issued when the notice is lifted, according to the city.

Twelve Killeen ISD schools were affected by the boil water notice in western Killeen, according to a news release from the school district.

“KISD will make sure the students have water and food today, so parents shouldn’t worry,” said Chief Communication Officer Terry Abbott.

The schools affected were: Clear Creek Elementary, Pershing Park Elementary, Live Oak Ridge Middle, Maxdale Elementary, Sugar Loaf Elementary, Palo Alto Middle, Iduma Elementary, Willow Springs Elementary, Fowler Elementary, Haynes Elementary, Roy J. Smith Middle and Shoemaker High School.

The schools didn’t get the message about the boil-water notice until after breakfast, and students were still using regular water fountains until about 8:10 a.m., according to KISD.

“The 12 KISD schools that were affected by the boil water notice had already served breakfast to students, and students up until that time had access to water fountains. After being notified of the boil water notice, Killeen ISD immediately closed off water fountains and made arrangements to have bottled water delivered to the 12 schools. Sack lunches were provided for elementary students and meals were cooked in ovens for students at the two middle schools and the high school,” according to a KISD statement.

Second notice

The city Friday also issued a boil-water notice for properties from 2600 to 2909 Belt Loop due to a water main break.

A crew was working to repair the break and restore service on Friday.

As the system recovers, residents may notice air coming from their water taps. This is normal as pressure rebuilds and will subside, according to the city.

To ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking and for making ice should be boiled and cooled prior to use for drinking water or human consumption purposes. The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes. In lieu of boiling, you may purchase bottled water or obtain water from some other suitable source. When it is no longer necessary to boil the water, the public water system officials will notify customers that the water is safe for drinking water or human consumption purposes. Once the boil water notice is no longer in effect, the public water system officials will issue a notice to customers that rescinds the boil water notice in a manner similar to this notice.

Lampasas notice ends

The city of Lampasas lifted Friday a citywide boil water notice issued Wednesday due to an 18-inch water main break.

“Our system has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore adequate pressure, disinfectant levels, and/or bacteriological quality of the water and has provided TCEQ with testing results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling as of March 8, 2019,” city officials said in a news release.

Those with questions can contact Lampasas City Hall at 512-556-6831 or 512-556-8315. TCEQ can be reached at 512-239-4691.

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