The southern flannel moth caterpillar hides a series of venomous spines under its soft hair.

Most-read online stories

Staff report

In 2018, crime, public safety and family love drew the most views from readers.

Overall, the website had 13.9 million views on its website - 13,905,141, to be exact.

Here are the stories posted in 2018 that drew the most readers.

Top stories:

1: 30 arrested in Bell County prostitution sting – 282,734 –

2: Cute, fuzzy and toxic: venomous caterpillar sends Killeen girl to the hospital – 35,605 –

3: Killeen father offers heartfelt goodbye after son dies following battle with sickle cell anemia – 32,978 –

4: Former platoon Sergeant was on leave during rollover accident, yet found at fault – 26,710

5: Two Killeen women arranged on felony charges after traffic stop – 25,956 –

6: Widow of CHOP founder evokes tears, laughter during service to honor, remember her husband – 25,241 –

7: AT&T: widespread outages throughout Central Texas – 25,228 –

8: Two men wanted on murder charges in Nebraska arrested in Killeen – 24,162

9: At CHOP Thursday, a funeral and celebration for founding bishop – 21,340

10: Cove police arrest couple on child sexual abuse charges – 20,767 –

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