Killeen ISD police have released this picture of the suspect’s vehicle in the Harker Heights High School indecent exposure case. The picture was taken from a video camera in the school parking lot. This is the car police are looking for.

Killeen ISD and Harker Heights police are searching for a man they say exposed himself to a female student Friday in the parking lot of Harker Heights High School.

KISD Chief Communications Officer Terry Abbott said an African American man in his 20s driving a gold or tan Hyundai Sonata flashed the student at around 8:30 a.m.

The vehicle was reported as missing a right front hubcap.

Heights High School Principal Larry Brazzil sent the following message to parents:

"This is Larry Brazzil, principal of Harker Heights High School, calling with an important message regarding student safety.

"We received information this morning regarding an adult motorist in the Harker Heights High School parking lot exposing himself to a female student. The student entered the building and immediately reported the incident. Killeen ISD Police and Harker Heights Police are aggressively searching for this man. He has been described as an African-American male, in his 20s and was driving a gold or tan colored Hyundai. If you see this suspect, please report it to Harker Heights Police or Killeen ISD Police.

"Please help us by reminding students to always avoid strangers who behave dangerously and inappropriately. Please help us encourage students to always report this kind of activity, just as our student did today. The safety of every student continues to be our top priority every day."

A female student at Harker Heights High School reported a man exposing himself to her in the parking lot of the school this morning about 8:30. Harker Heights and Killeen ISD Police are searching for the man. He is African-American, in his 20s, driving a gold or tan Hyundai Sonata with a missing right front hubcap. | 254-501-7567

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