The city of Killeen will close the right lane of westbound Elms Road between Christie Drive and Trimmier Road for a week beginning Tuesday.

The lane closure is for construction activities related to the Trimmier Road Widening Project, the city said in a news release.

The project will create a continuous center turn lane from Jasper Drive to Elms Road and improve sidewalks and intersections.

Final project completion is scheduled for November.

The city urges motorists to exercise caution while in the area and plan alternate routes if possible.

For more information, contact Director of Public Information Hilary Shine at 254-501-7751. | 254-501-7567

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Sorry, hope it's not the same company that is working on Trimmier Road. The road was much better before they "fixed" it.


I hope it's not the same people doing it that did such a horrible job on the other side of the street. That is without a doubt the worst job I've ever seen on any project. On the curb side the pavement is too low, you have to be very careful turning onto Bacon Ranch or Lowes Blvd or risk damaging your tires and the pavement is higher than the existing pavement on the other side. They made no attempt at trying to blend or make it a smooth transition from old to new asphalt. Sad that our tax dollars paid for such lousy roadwork.

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