Veterans who need legal advice can visit a free legal clinic from 1 to 4 p.m. Friday at Texas A&M University—Central Texas, Founders Hall, 1001 Leadership Place, Killeen.

No appointment is necessary.

Any veteran, or spouse of a deceased veteran, can receive advice at the clinic from a volunteer attorney in any area of law, including family, wills and probate, consumer, real estate and tax law, as well as disability and veterans benefits.

Veterans who need ongoing legal representation and who qualify for legal aid may be assigned a pro bono attorney to handle their case.

The clinic is staffed and sponsored by attorney members of the Bell County Bar Association in conjunction with the Veterans Legal Initiative, a coalition of local bar associations to provide pro bono legal services to U.S. veterans in 17 counties in Texas. For more information on the clinic, contact Tara Shockley at the Veterans Legal Initiative, 713-759-1133.

Contact Teresa Tankersley at or (254)501-7542​

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What important advice for the community! - 'Legal Advice' and the subsequent 'Small print' as well as reading the terms and conditions is something which can make or break - in fact - it can cost you a fortune. I like the relatively new outfit Check-A-Contract - well, they do what it says on the tin. In big writing. Checking contracts - and 'small print' for that matter. For a small fee they highlight the small print, advise on changes, deletions or additions. Turnaround for contracts is less than 72 hrs and all contracts are worked on by qualified top lawyers. Worth knowing, especially if you have to look out for small print in contracts, agreements, signing rental or leasing agreements and so on.

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