A Buddhist temple is suing a Killeen woman, claiming she wrested control of the temple briefly after its bookkeeper died, allowing her to lock out members and causing about $10,000 in damages.

The Buddhist Temple Sung Bul Sa, based in Killeen, filed suit against Young S. Lowrance this week.

According to court documents, problems arose when a secretary of the corporation running the temple died in August 2010. Lowrance visited the home of the deceased secretary and obtained financial documents that allowed her access to bank accounts, keys to the temple and other documents, according to the lawsuit.

Lowrance has yet to file any response to the original complaint. It was unclear whether she had obtained an attorney.

Representatives of the Buddhist temple claim that after Lowrance obtained keys, members and the board of directors would often find themselves locked out of the facility.

Despite not being a member of the board of directors and recieving a notice to vacate the premises, Lowrance refuses to cooperate. The suit claims she has not provided requested financial documents and has actively worked to conceal financial information.

The corporation running the temple claims Lowrance’s actions caused $10,000 in damages and that she may have stolen $1,000 worth of property.

The temple resides in a small home in the 4600 block of Old Florence Road. A sign advertising its presence has been overturned and phone numbers to reach members were not working. Lawyers representing the Buddhist Temple Sung Bul Sa refused to comment. Lowrance was unreachable for comment.

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"It was unclear whether she had obtained an attorney."

I think "retained" might be better here.

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