By Anthony Scott

Killeen Daily Herald

Dozens of cameras are going to be added at intersections around Killeen in the next three months, but the cameras don't record and they don't bust drivers for red-light violations.

The purpose of the cameras is to better move traffic by sensing when cars are in their detection zone, helping traffic controllers better know when to push traffic through.

"It's just like pushing a pedestrian walk signal," said Assistant City Engineer George Lueck. "There's no point in stopping traffic if nobody's walking."

About 70 intersections are scheduled for work, with about 30 to get new cameras. Other intersections will be equipped with radios that allow the city's master controller to sync lights from a remote location.

The impact on traffic at the intersections is expected to be minimal, with some detours while the equipment is being installed. The equipment upgrades started Friday and will continue as crews work on intersections for about three months.

Lueck said new traffic light equipment at intersections often come ready to set up the cameras. The city approved a contract with Guy Construction to retrofit the cameras at older intersections. The work, mostly wiring, is expected to cost $47,000.

"It's kind of like wiring a house after you built your house," he said. "They've got to pull wires through poles and conduits."

Killeen Public Information Officer Danielle Durbin said crews will work on the project on a Monday-to-Saturday schedule. Intersections affected are:

Fort Hood Street, from

Hallmark Avenue to Elms Road

Central Texas Expressway, from Trimmier Road to Stan Schlueter Loop

Trimmier Road, from Hallmark Avenue to Stan Schlueter Loop

W.S. Young Drive, from Westcliff Road to Stan Schlueter Loop

Veterans Memorial Boulevard, from Fort Hood Street to W.S. Young Drive.

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