By Sean Wardwell

Killeen Daily Herald

Filing for Killeen's special and regular May elections formally opened Monday, and already some familiar faces have claimed a spot on the ballot.

Billy Workman, 56, a former city councilman who was dismissed from office with 69.5 percent of the vote in the city's November 2011 recall election, filed for the mayor's post Monday.

He joins Dan Corbin, 64, a former city councilman and local attorney, in that race.

Monday's filings for the at-large city council seats include Michael Gamel, a 66-year-old retiree; Elizabeth Blackstone, a 63-year-old retired educator; Jim Butler, a 71-year-old retired engineer; John A. Doranski, a 51-year-old manager; and Mark Manning, a 57-year-old former councilman now working in television advertising.

Jose Segarra, a 47-year-old real estate broker, filed for the District 2 seat. As of late Monday, he is currently the only candidate seeking a district seat.

This year's election will be different, due to the recall that ousted Workman, along with former council members Scott Cosper, Larry Cole, Kenny Wells and Juan Rivera.

Usually, only the three at-large council seats and the mayor would be up for election this year. However, as the recall removed not only all the at-large members, but two district members as well, this year will be a combined special and general election.

The remaining councilmen, Terry Clark and Michael Lower, representing Districts 3 and 4 respectively, are not up for re-election until 2013.

Mayor pleased with first day

Mayor Timothy Hancock said he's pleased so many residents expressed an interest in serving on the first filing day.

"It's their right to do it. It's their duty, if they feel they want to serve the citizens as a council person or mayor," he said.

"I'm thankful, and I encourage citizens to come and file if they really and truly want to serve."

Hilary Shine, Killeen's spokesperson, said she was surprised at how many people came out to file on the first day.

"We expected this would be a busy season, with six seats up for election," she said. "We expect to see many more to come forward in the next month."

"Ultimately," she continued, "this is a great thing for us, because people are interested in city government and making a difference in our community."

Filing continues through March 5. Filing packets can be picked up and dropped off with Paula Miller, Killeen's city secretary, at 101 N. College St. For more information, call her at (254) 501-7600.

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