By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

The last reporting deadline for Killeen council candidates hit Friday at 5 p.m., and the amounts have greatly increased.

The money candidates pulled in is staggering, just looking at District 1 for starters.

Kenny Wells, current councilman for the district, reported $7,350 in contributions following a fundraiser he had several weeks ago. He has spent nearly all of that, holding about $1,000 in reserve as of Friday.

Meanwhile, Wells' opponent, Ed Lindsay, reported no donations during the same period.

In District 2, former Councilman Dick Young pulled in $1,803, spending $1,200 of it, outpacing current Councilman Juan Rivera by a few hundred dollars, as he pulled in $1,100 during the same time.

In District 3, the financial race was a virtual dead heat during the latest reporting period, as John Doranski edged JoAnn Purser in finances, pulling in $1,964 to Purser's $1,900. Bernardine Martin came in third, pulling in $512.

Candidate Harold Butchart did not file.

In District 4, only two candidates filed their paperwork.

Ernest Wilkerson, who did not file on time for the last filing deadline, faxed in a reported total of $1,285, though the paperwork was only submitted for April 24. He has only sent in one filing currently.

Ralph Cossey submitted his paperwork properly, though he had no contributions as of the May 1 filing deadline.

Current Councilman Otis Evans and candidate Keith Gavin had not turned in their paperwork by the deadline.

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