SALADO — The American people have it in their DNA to solve the problems of this country, and now it’s time to go to work to make things happen, U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, told the Salado Area Republican Women on Thursday.

Carter spoke to about 60 members of the group and their guests on issues ranging from sequestration to immigration. He also answered questions that were pre-submitted by the group.

But first, he urged his constituents to stay positive in light of the many negative questions that were being asked.

“I wanted to start off on a positive note. ... The positive note is we’ve got the resources,” Carter said. “We live in the most blessed country on earth, with resources ... and freedom, and we’ve got the people to get it done. All we have to do is go to work.”

One of the pre-submitted questions asked was about the sequester policy and the effects it will have on the military. Carter said sequestration was one solution to cutting the budget deficit. Under sequestration, most of the automatic cuts will be made in military and social welfare budgets, he said.

“What we’re trying to do with sequester is figure out a way we’re going to save $1.2 trillion in spending, because we failed to do what needed to be done in the (congressional bipartisan debt) supercommittee,” he said. “In our community, it’s all about the military, but there will be social welfare programs that will be reduced. It’s going to happen in the sequester or in whatever.”

Although several questions were asked about immigration, Carter reminded the group that immigration is not an issue in this election.

“I’ll give you an honest assessment, 3 percent of the people in this election are voting on the issue of immigration; therefore, it’s not going to be a big talking point,” Carter said.

Carter urged the group to volunteer their time to work on the Republican presidential campaign.

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