After an October investigation uncovered widespread theft within Killeen’s Fleet Services Division, the city’s motor pool has been under intense scrutiny to tighten its internal controls, which had been ignored by employees for years.

Since the investigation, the city installed a security gate and security cameras to protect the fleet services barn from future theft, however, an overhaul of the grossly mismanaged department is in store, city spokeswoman Hilary Shine said.

“The city has made changes in management to bring new leadership to Fleet Services,” Shine said. “The leaders are charged with reviewing and enforcing standards and policies to change the culture that existed in that division.”

In a public hearing Wednesday, one of the city’s attorneys, Jeris Mapes, described the system of theft at the Killeen Fleet Services Division as “horrendous.”

An audit of the division, which was performed in October, indicated many items missing from the inventory, including 48 tires, vehicle parts, engines, tools and 2,730 gallons of diesel fuel valued at $7,819.

The city’s internal auditor Amanda Wallace testified last week that documents required for the disposal of 23 city vehicles were nowhere to be found.

“There could be a perfectly good explanation, but we don’t have it,” Wallace said during Wednesday’s hearing.

An amnesty period given by the Killeen Police Department — where employees were allowed to return stolen items without punishment — generated a stockpile of property including many tires, Wallace said.

A new fleet services director, Frank Tydlacka, will take over Thursday.

Stu McLennan, who was hired April 9 as executive director of Support Services — a new position — will oversee the Fleet Services Division.

No changes have been made to the gasoline distribution procedure, Shine said.

The current procedure requires an employee to swipe a vehicle key fob — a plastic covered electronic device assigned to each vehicle — and enter the vehicle mileage and their personal identification number, Shine said.

The quantity of tools stolen from the Fleet Services barn is a mystery, but Shine said the city is enforcing tight inventory requirements for all parts and tools in the barn.

“Inventory controls are being enforced and random sampling is accomplished to ensure compliance,” Shine said. “Complete parts and equipment inventories are being accomplished.”

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Changes will be coming to fleet services? How about an overhaul of the way the city does business? Let's start with getting rid of the people that are puppets & do the bidding of the people that like to benefit from the city. Clean house while we are at it & give people some leadership to be proud of because the current ones in charge are just a part of the good old boy network.


The reason for the amnesty period is because the investigation was not intended to punish those who had stolen items. It was intended to find an excuse to fire those Glenn wanted to fire, such as the person who tried to make him follow the law and retained documentation when he didn't.

Why else would he fire the Director of Finance who was far removed and, as even they admit, couldn't be tied to the thefts, and therefore had to be slandered (w/ them implying there was a connection) - while "officially" stating she was fired for past issues that Glenn couldn't identify - and for which there was NO documentation.

The "amnesty" rule wasn't applied to John Acker because, when interviewed, he told on the police who were stealing the most from the city, which is even worse because it was the police who headed up Glenn's pretend investigation. The audit was not compliant with IIA or GAO standards and lacked the necessary evidence.

If the police were reported to have stolen items, why was the police chief allowed to conduct the investigation, while Ms. Gonzales was prohibited from even speaking to any of her staff during that time.


So much more will likely be revealed during the whistleblower lawsuit. The citizens need to remember all the times Glenn has cost the taxpayers money. $30,000+ settlement for the employee he fired who admitted to having a 14 yr. relationship w/ him, $750,000 for the former city manager to resign quietly (what did he not want everyone to know), and now he allows the police chief to grant amnesty to all the thieves, but fires the Finance Director who was shut down by Glenn when she pursued establishing a fraud a policy (refer to the termination appeal hearing).

It appears there is something more to his motives. And either the items stolen were inflated (they admit they have no idea how much was actually stolen) or the prevention of theft was not the motive for the investigation.

And why was Glenn allowed to stop audits of the area he previously managed - when reports of fraud and abuse were received from an employee w/in in that department. Some of the events were reported to have occurred when he managed it.


A word, that would describe what was being allowed to go on inside the city garage dept.,and the robbing of the of the tax payers of the city, would have to be the word, disgusting.

Even though it wouldn't seem like it to Ms. Gonzales ,In a small way Ms. Gonzales' firing was a small gift to the citizens just for the general fact, that otherwise,the thievery that had been allowed to go on in the city garage/fleet service may never have been found out, and may have never come to an end otherwise.

The employees seem fairly confident, that they could treat any and all equipment, as their own, and the heck with the people who had bought and paid for it out of their tax money.

What is surprising is and some would like to know, who gave the consent to the Chief of Police to give amnesty to the thieves that stole from the citizens? Didn't anyone once it was known file charges for thief ? It seems so strange that nearly everyone involved were allowed to keep their jobs even though they admitted to stealing from the company they worked for.

How do the citizens know all was returned ? Did the city manager Glenn Morrison give the approval to allow them to stay ?

If so how does he know if the citizens have been returned all items taken.

What about items such as the metal that was taken for resale.

Was any compensation that someone had received for that sale returned to the rightful owners, the tax payers ?

What about the fuel, has it been found out who stole it and the cost for been returned back to the tax papers account?

The tax payer puts trust into the hands of the people who are working for them, once that trust is broken, it takes a vary long time to gain trust again.

This makes the second time in 2 two years something was taken from the citizens of Killeen.

In 2011,Those who were here at the time, will remember,The tax payers in Killeen had to go through the shock of paying out the $750,000, some members of the former council gave to the former city manager after his dismissal. Nearly double the amount the citizens were told it would be, (and the original amount would have been a nice going away gift in itself) . The $750,000 was done unknowingly to the tax payer.

When a citizen ask during that time for the reason it was given, no answer was forthcoming. The reason for Re-call.

Now we have this new situation involving vehicles and parts used by workers of the city. Along with many other items.

The people might understand, although would want punishment, If it was one employee, But to have so many for so many years involved.

This nearly fits the description of organized crime since so many at the same workplace were involved at times even helping each other. And have admitted to the crimes on paper.

We have to wonder ,is there more going on that needs to be told,? We feel from Ms. Gonzales' law suit, there is possibly.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

"An amnesty period given by the Killeen Police Department — where employees were allowed to return stolen items without punishment — generated a stockpile of property including many tires, Wallace said."

Stealing is wrong and against the law. Why are the employees of Killeen allowed an amnesty period? They should be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else! An example should be set.

I guess it is easier for the city to turn the other way and get their property back.
I say terminate the employee and file charges.

No wonder we live in a world like we do. The law is the law...uphold it.
Wrong is wrong no matter how you look at it.

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