By Victor O'Brien

Killeen Daily Herald

The Killeen Police Department needs the public's help to decrease crime, the police chief said recently.

Police Chief Dennis Baldwin said people need to take an active role in stopping crime by protecting themselves and joining community programs.

Residents give criminals too many opportunities, Baldwin said. People often leave garage doors and windows open, which invites a criminal to walk in and steal something.

If the door had been shut, that crime might not have happened, Baldwin said.

He said securing belongings, reporting crime and traveling in numbers are ways for people to avoid being a victim.

"If you have a gate, close the gate. If you have a garage door, close it at night," he said.

Councilwoman Claudia Brown said, "People need to be vigilant in their neighborhoods and practice being safe because we are all responsible for doing what we can to not become victims."

Residents also can let the police know if they suspect a crime is in process.

"They can report suspicious activity to us whether they feel it is going to get addressed or not. That is so important to have someone communicating to us there is a problem somewhere in town," Baldwin said.

Councilman Juan Rivera, who has background in law enforcement, agreed with Baldwin.

"If you see something and you don't call, then the police don't know, " Rivera said.

The police chief also said residents should become more active in community programs.

"If everyone pulls together, it will bring a safer city faster," Baldwin said.

Rivera believes neighborhood watch needs citizen support.

"Neighborhood watch belongs to the citizens. We need to make sure we bring the citizens aboard," Rivera said.

In addition to neighborhood watch, there are other programs residents can join including:

Killeen Citizens on Patrol (KCOPS)

Citizens' Police Academy

Crime Stoppers

National Night Out Against Crime

Community Forums

To find out more about these and other community programs offered by KPD, contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Tammy Moseley at (254)501-8805.

Contact Victor O'Brien at or call (254)501-7468

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