Ethan Sanchez stood marveling at the Killeen SWAT team’s tactical vehicle Wednesday afternoon during Truck Day. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Sanchez, 7, said the SWAT vehicle is “the coolest.”

The city of Killeen partnered with the Killeen Public Library for the fourth annual Truck Day. The event featured city fire trucks, cement trucks, school buses, police cars and tractors.

Linda Bailey, librarian assistant, said she started the event four years ago after brainstorming through ideas that would pique the interest of children.

“I’m always thinking about things that will interest the children, and that they will enjoy,” she said. “Truck Day gives them a chance to learn about all the different vehicles in a hands-on way.”

With wide grins, children darted across the

parking lot of the Killeen Special Events Center from one truck to another, honking the trucks’ horns and setting off their sirens.

Bailey said this year’s event was one of the most successful.

“I thought it would be nice to have the event during spring break so the bigger kids could come out, too,” she said.

“A lot more people have come out since it’s not while some of them are in school.”

In unison, twins Gynasis and Nevaeh Hasty, 5, were quick to say the school bus was their favorite vehicle on display.

“We were looking for free activities for the kids to do during spring break,” their mother, Leticia Hasty, said.

“This is an awesome event; they love it. They’re having a great time.”

Nataliyah Curley, 7, said the school bus was her favorite, too, because she lives too close to school to ride the bus.

Andrew Loper, 6, said his favorite vehicle was the fire truck.

“This is a really nice event and something different for the kids to do,” his mother, Vickie Loper, said.

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