A man claiming to be the ambassador of Guam was arrested Tuesday for allegedly spray-painting the back entrance and parking lot of Central Christian Church on East Trimmier Road in Killeen.

A female employee for the church spotted the man early Tuesday through a window he had allegedly painted with bright pink spray paint, Central Christian Church pastor Mark Bushor said.

The woman called the Killeen Police Department at around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

As police arrived, the suspect fled across the parking lot and hid in the bushes, Bushor said. Police apprehended the man within minutes and took him into custody on charges of vandalism to a religious building.

KPD towed away a gold GMC sports utility vehicle parked in the parking lot at the site of the vandalism, Bushor said.

Vandalism of a religious building is a felony and can be considered a hate crime.

“He apparently had a message to get out, but he was going about it in all the wrong ways,” Bushor said.

Church employees spent the rest of the morning trying to decipher the messages from the pavement. None of the messages appeared aimed at specific individuals nor were they violent in nature.

“I don’t think there is any interpretation except this was an individual making a big problem for himself,” Bushor said.

The graffiti was centered around the main rear entry to the church, where members congregate before Sunday services, Bushor said.

“They will be shocked and horrified to see that their church has been vandalized,” Bushor said.

The church’s insurance company has not set the value of the damages.

“We are hoping to get it cleaned by Sunday,” Bushor said.

In the three years that Bushor has served as pastor at Central Christian Church there have been no incidents of vandalism or break-ins, he said.

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