HARKER HEIGHTS — More than 100 people gathered on a rainy Sunday afternoon for food and fellowship at Harker Heights United Methodist Church, all for a good cause.

This year, the church earned $500 in donations during its annual “Souper Bowl.” Proceeds from the event will go directly to the Harker Heights Food Care Center.

For every $1 raised, the food care center is able to purchase six pounds of food, said youth pastor JT Haun.

The church hosts the event every Super Bowl Sunday, inviting the community to take part in the meal.

More than 30 types of soup and chili were prepared and served by church staff members, along with desserts, snacks and drinks.

“It was packed in here,” said Lorie Ford, Sunday school supervisor, wrapping up food in the fellowship hall, filled with balloons and football decor.

This year’s turnout was even better than last year, Haun said. “We all came together as a group.”

He has been participating in the event the past six years, when the Rising Disciples youth group began hosting it.

Longtime community member David McClure has been a member of the church for more than 25 years, watching as the building and town has grown and changed over the years.

His daughters, now ages 36 and 43, were children when they began attending the church.

“It’s a good cause,” McClure said of the event, which has been around as long as he has. “We try to reach out to the community. We’re disciples of Christ. We don’t walk around waving a Bible; we just do things.”

The fellowship hall served as the church’s sanctuary years before. Now, new additions have been built on to house the ever-growing congregation and its ministries.

“Lots of military (families) flow through here, bringing their talents with them,” McClure said.

Two original charter members of the methodist church attended the event as well.

“It’s wonderful ... exciting to see everybody here,” said Tae Beckling, associate pastor. “We don’t just raise money for the food care center, but also have fellowship.”

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